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    WW2 to Korean war Aviation items, B-17s, Helmets flight and ground ww2 to Vietnam. Military Firearms WW2 to Vietnam.
  1. Your pic with First Aid items and safety pins. Above the safety pins I see a bottle of insect repellent (1st bottle orangey colored). That is some powerful stuff and works great. Use to rub it into my boots and keep crawlers away and skeeters and flies. Smells, but works. Great display and some memories on much what you have. Thanks for sharing.
  2. Lost my Basic Training graduation book, Ft Knox Co. D-12-3. anyone take Basic Training there when Captain Garcia was Company Commander? He only was 2 years Company Commander. Graduation Oct 1965.
  3. I also looked and didn't see it.
  4. Were can I find the Modified straps for goggles to attach to side snaps on helmets? Looking for original, otherwise I can make. Thanks
  5. AH! yes. Thank you. Checking my pack I see the instruction. I don't see how I missed it, Thanks
  6. Thanks. I was wondering since there are no straps on the M1945 pack for the meat cans and utensils pouch, how were the items carried when the 44 and M1945 Combat packs came out? Since a trooper didn't;t want to dig through his pack for these when they came across hot meals, how were they carried so he had quick access.
  7. The M-1928 Haversack had attachment for mounting the meatcan pouch. How were utensils, etc. mounted or packed for silence in a 44 or M-1945 pack? Thanks
  8. Nice . Dang, run into you on so many forums. Capt Lee Bishop, always enjoy your post. LOL
  9. I'm in the same boat, with numerous items I acquired from veterans bring back and at estate sales since 1969. I have sold numerous items at Gunbrokers, but there's a lot of repros there also, so be prepared for showing good pics, and description of your items. The Werhmacht forum is a good site, I have mostly Luftwaffe items left now, and use Gunbroker, and will also wait till next time the forum is open again here. I avoid selling outright to dealers, they offer only .25 to .30 cents on a dollar, but many will, and are pretty fair in trading toward US item they have in stock, and have done i
  10. Ordered and payed for a couple items. Very nice, and easy to navigate.
  11. Seems your making a judgement here, and using the power of Moderator to emphasis same. Its not as you state and wrote, "They would not ship as you like---", but I do see you making a judgement on me, and see it in the reply. Getting back to main issue of person getting no replies to E-Mail etc. and slow shipping especially when paying extra for "priority" which carries a premium. If a seller ir attending a convention, etx. they should let it be known. Rather I see the "Forum" making post for the seller, and in my thinking, "excuses" for them on why items not sent, or replies not given. And yes
  12. Sorry to say, I'm not happy with them also. Seems if they're a sponsor, any problems and they get to glide. While back I questioned they're high postage charges to send Vietnam Mosquito plastic bottle which were 1/2 the price, but more then double in postage. I suggested they use the Post Office supplied small/medium priority boxes and postage would be half, plus item would be insured for up to 50.00 with no extra charges. I was told that they have a charge for packaging, etc., etc. I thought I was helping them with a lower outlet in shipping. Well my endeavor let to being no longer allowed
  13. +1 on your evaluation of these type shows. Been involved with several History Channel shows and what you wrote is 110% correct. Staged and pre-scripted. Also "Storage War" is bad, some of the lockers are not the ones bid on, but rather staged for the show. Pawn Stars is pre-scripted, and even rehearsed for final editting. A shame that so many think these are "reality shows" and pushed as same by the stations. I no longer watch these shows.
  14. I've had 2 bad buying experiences there. Twice items were supposed to be shipped, never arrived. Had to wait weeks to figure out what happened. Possible twice sent to wrong person. Sorry, getting burned twice was enough.
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