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    WW2 Radios, Vehicles, Weapons, Uniforms, Helmets, and field equipment both Allied and Axis.
  1. Wow! Thanks for finding that Delta1on1. It has been awhile since I checked this post. Bill is also dancing with the Russian early in the footage. He was a professional dancer before the war.
  2. I also recreated the photo of my Dad and his crew standing next to the EB-66 above when my son graduated from basic training at Lackland AFB this year. They have one of the few surviving planes at the front gate of this base. My Great Grandfather's unit the 96th Aero Squadron also trained at this base when it was Kelly Air Field.
  3. More of tail number #435. If anyone want so use these photos you have my expressed permission.
  4. Great photo berbmil. I found some more yesterday while at my Dad's. I will post them later today. Thanks northcoastaero.
  5. My wife's Grandfather was a Seabee at Tarawa and 15 other islands. He related a story to me that he was picking up someone's head carefully with two hands and then looked at the other guys grabbing heads by the hair and tossing them into a pit for burial. They had a runway to build and there was no time to sort out the parts.
  6. I found a couple more photos of #435 flying that I wanted to add to this thread.
  7. I once did do some work at the Dryden Test Flight/Edwards AFB area when they had the last SR-71s there. The Hangar building we worked in had JP-7 soaked into the concrete seams because the planes leaked while on the ground. I have read that they took off with one tank and then had to be air refueled before they continued the flight, then the skin would seal once the metal heated up. The cost had to be incredible both financially and to the environment.
  8. EB-66E with a Shark Mouth some time around 1970. Same plane in the scrap yard with a bit of the teeth still showing around 1974. (Second photo is from the forum member Ikar's photos).
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