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  1. as I can because right now I'm away I'm taking close-up shots. I understand that people still have a doubt !!!!, but despite that a lot of private message for me bought, while I do not sell them
  2. Hello Kim yes, found on the side of Renuamont in France For information I made contact with the family of James Vernon Rodier and Carl Green but for now no answer !!! I hope to have because I have a photo of James Vernon Rodier who is next to a painting where he put his badgesand more but not the tags!
  3. Hello they were found by me! I will do other photos without problems
  4. Hello everyone After having managed to obtain serious information to you on the tag of James Vernon Rodier I research information on these two paratroopers of the 505th pir and more particularly on Gerald Liles (I find absulently nothing !!) thank you for your help and sorry for my bad english Thanks Fred
  5. Hi all Sorry for my bad english. After finding this Tags, I want to know more about this man. (Photos ...) Thank you
  6. Hello and thank you for your clear answer I can not put the pictures (too heavy big to upload??) I'm going to look at John's book Thank you and Merry Christmas from France Fred
  7. Hello Who could help me on a yardlong us airborne? I can not put the photos but I can give them by email Thank you and merry christmas to all Fred
  8. Hello everyone Small request to specialists patchs paras What do you think of the authenticity ww2 of these patches I can not put a photo that I can answer the mp? Thank you all Fred
  9. Hello everyone Who could give me info on LOSSE Cecile Raymond 1916 2010 coming from Ohio Asn 35235499 engaged in August 1943 I especially seek in what it was Thank you all
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