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  1. At 2:35 you can see the small type auto injectors from 1973. Here is a manual from 1979 that shows the new type Auto Injector, which is larger. And a video from 1964(title is wrong) showing the syrette and injector The only reason I know about the larger Auto Injector is because of that book above and because I own a training version, I just looked up the NSN(only just thought to do that) and it showed it was created in 1978, so the introduction date for the larger injector would be around 1978 https://www.wbparts.com/rfq/6910-01-061-6444.html
  2. Hello all, it's been awhile since I was active but I have recently been doing research on US militaria. My main focus has been NBC related items. In 1944 the M5 Protective Ointment Kit was introduced which contained 4 tubes of M5 Protective Ointment and one tube of BAL Eye Ointment. In 1950 this was updated, one of the M5 tubes was removed and an Atropine Syrette was added in place of it. This kit was called the M5A1. In 1959 the M5A2 was created, it replaced the Atropine Syrette with an Atropine Auto Injector but it was not adopted by the army. The M5A3 removed the BAL and used the Auto Inj
  3. Do you have anymore details and/or pictures of said set up? I was under the assumption that all of the NBC stuff was kept either in the Alice pack or in the small woodland pack for NBC gear.
  4. Hello, I am wondering about a few medical bags I have seen. The ones I have seen are: M3, M5, No.17, and No.16. Now the M5 and M3 are from the 50s-60s I believe, but then did they stop using them? I have seen M3 bags dated into the 2000s so I assume they are still used or were used until recently, now the M5 I have not seen any made in the 80s but I was told they were used even in desert storm in 90-91 so when did they use them/stop using them? Now the No.17 and No.16 I know nothing about and just learned of there existence today, on the No.17 the earliest I have seen dated was 1987 but I see
  5. I'll take the bottom left patch if still available.
  6. So I have been having the same problem as you for the flashlight, on the belt, on the suspenders, in the grenade pouch. I guess it was different between units, branches and even soldiers. I usually carry it in the grenade pouch because I put the compass on the suspenders with a spare bandage behind it, and then another bandage pouch on the belt with 2 more bandages. As to compasses I think everyone got them.
  7. Well it won't let me post a picture but go on google and type in pistol belt pad, that is what he had.
  8. Hello all, I recently found a pistol belt pad that buttons on to the pistol belt to make it more comfortable when wearing, were they used in the 80s?
  9. Hello, I am an soviet military collector, If you can get a picture of the helmet liner that would be helpful. The suspenders are of the early type(late 40s-early 60s) somewhat hard to find, the belt is also of early type. The shovel cover is also interesting and I think it too also be of the early type. The canteen and mess kit both have dates on them, do you know what the dates are? The pack is called a vesh meshok, yours is of the late 70s-80s type. The second belt(the one not on the web set) is a work belt. The bayonet on the belt is Romanian. The mug and spoon go in the mess kit and that w
  10. Its from 88 on up, you can tell by the menu number on the side on the bag, I have several of these ones.
  11. What was the one uniform used in the 70s, I think it was OG-507 but I don't remember, that would have been in use in the early 80s too right?
  12. Well the only one I can think of is my family said my great uncle was in the 82nd airborne in Vietnam and he was a war hero but then I heard that he felt an AK-47 bullet go over his head and already that doesn't sound believable but I come to find out HE WASENT EVEN IN THE VIETNAM WAR! But I did get his jacket and he was 82nd airborne but in the mid 70s. Don't know why they all thought he was in Vietnam.
  13. If I had to guess I would say it was an air force mask but I don't know, looks like it was made in 1994 so not army as they used the m17 and m40. It could also be a tanker mask but again I don't know.
  14. Ok so did soldiers put stuff in the helmet bands or no, I don't think they did but still will ask.
  15. Its from 1994 I think as the DLA # on it but I thought it was replaced in 1992/3 by the SPO #. I could be wrong. Edit: yep just read here that they switched to SPO in 1994 but it might have taken time to switch over. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/94112-dla-dsa-marking-what-do-they-stand-for/
  16. Hello, I was on this site: http://loadbearingequipment.ciehub.info/ALICE/FirstAidDressingCompassCase.html It said they carried 2 bandages and a package of sodium chloride - sodium bicarbonate mixture. What is sodium chloride - sodium bicarbonate mixture, did you carry it? Also found this: http://loadbearingequipment.ciehub.info/ref/FM/21-15_1977.pdf
  17. So I was thinking about the sleeping mat and then I remembered about the inflatable ones, I have seen the foam ones from 1986 on up(btw mine is 1987 dated) and have seen the inflatable ones dated up to 1985 so I am going to get a inflatable one for my early 80s impression(yes I know they usually don't take them to the field so this is more or less just for my collection). Also on the under shirts I have the tan ones but found so OD ones, what was more common? Lastly, thanks to everyone who has helped with the pictures and information, 16 pages and pinned in just 4 months.
  18. What are the regulations on packing the m61/56 buttpack? What goes in it? any pictures?
  19. Ok so about injectors, I know real ones are dangerous and I will not be getting these, I will try and get some training ones as those are safe I think. I was wondering how many injectors were given and where they were kept?
  20. I just looked it up and that could have been added in ww1 as staplers have been around since the 1800s(I did know if staplers were around in ww1.). Why its there, I don't know.
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