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  1. Hey dukes, I don't have a personal email, but those are xerox copies that he acquired about 10 years ago from another collector, I am waiting for him to email me directly so I can send him pics of my father to attach with the documents, I also sent F106 the author of this post, a pic and information as well...but my father is just baffled that someone has these, I have the originals in the gun safe and my father is so modest and still says they see it as a piece of paper....I think he's wrong, it's more than that... Eric
  2. Why are we still talking about this? I haven't asked for anything back...I've spoken to both, and even gave them more information about the patch and a picture of my father in his jump suit that has the patch...so pretty please let's not discuss this and close the thread...
  3. Omg...u wanna argue? Take the effort, do an author search on forums...why do I need to explain anything? He contacted me, would u like to see the emails? This matter is closed between you and I sir!
  4. Funny, I read a post of his dated 23 June 2013...doesn't matter, this seems like I'm trying to launch the space shuttle
  5. all-bull could you please send me a PM, so we can discuss it? Thanks. Eric Or email longbowhunter3 at hotmail
  6. He was just on the other day...that's why I posted this comment.
  7. Still trying to have all-bull contact me, it won't let me send him a personal email...can anyone help?
  8. All-bull, would you please contact me... Thanks!
  9. I'd like to talk to you about this f106, this was the same patch that was stolen from my father in 1990 in Burlington nc, and what's so weird is the information that all-bull posted is my dad!!! The patch is written in Thai, it means cloud walker and this was the patch that was designed for an exhibition jump for the king and queen of Siam.. Eric
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