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  1. Thank you very much... Just found it. Its a M-1967 MLCE Carrier, Sleeping Equipment [NSN 8465-00-935-6813], it will only work with the MLCE Suspender, not with the ALICE Suspender. Thanks
  2. Hi there. I just picked up a duffle bag full of 70s - 90s ALICE gear. The only item I cant identify is this cover here. Maybe something from a parachute??? Thanks for your help
  3. Hey, thank you. I first googled "tent pole canvas bag" or "vietnam long canvas bag", NO LUCK, but with "antenna canvas bag" it has just come up. Its a CW-206 Bag for Antenna gear. Thanks alot
  4. Hello. Can someone identify the long bag on the right? Is it american? To me looks like Canvas, 60s or 70s? Thanks
  5. Could you use the buttpack only with the belt, or was it possible to attach it to the side of the ALICE Pack, like the 2 QT canteen can be attached? Seems to me there is too much space between the clips of the buttpack, to attach it to the side of the ALICE pack??
  6. Do these packs fit to the side of the Large ALICE Field Pack or only with belts? I was thinkin about ordering one of those packs from an online shop, FIELD PACK TRAINING Nylon, but seems to me the space between the ALICE clips is too wide, to fit with the Alice Pack. Can anyone confirm? Thank you
  7. Please post pics if you have any from your grandfather in France.
  9. DETAILS : MAGINOT OUVRAGE "FOUR A CHAUX" 2, route de Bitche 67510 Lembach FRANCE CONTACT : http://www.lignemaginot.fr/en/contact/ PRICE & HOURS : http://www.lignemaginot.fr/en/horaires/ GOOGLE MAPS : https://www.google.de/maps/place/Le+Four+%C3%A0+Chaux,+67510,+Frankreich If you are in Germany, around Mannheim, Kaiserslautern, Ramstein area, you can also visit the bunker by public transportation. Just take the train to the border station of WISSEMBOURG (F). On sundays and holidays there is a bus transfer from WISSEMBOURG station right to the BUNKER. Its Bus #317. Its a 20 minute bus rid
  10. yeah you right. The woods in the whole area are full of former storage facilities, warehouse bunkers and other hidden military locations from the cold war. very sad, that these places are more and more disapearing in the last years. To my understanding, the USA gave all the land of this places back to Germany. The land is now back under control by the "Bundesamt für Liegenschaften". Its a governmental organisation for buildings and land owned by Germany. I think they just didnt know what to do with this place. What can you do with an old tower, that is located somewhere deep in the woods and
  11. Here is a recent video from the former USAF Radio Relay Station at Langerkopf, Germany. The site is going to be bulldozed soon, to make new space for windpower. The site is abandoned for some years now, also hardly vandalised by some iditos and metal scapers. Paintballers also had their fun. But the site still looks very beautyful in the snow and with the fog around the antenna tower. So this video is a short documentary, what the site looked like in December 2014, shortly before it will be removed. The video is hosted at my youtube channel. I make short videos of abandoned war relics, suc
  12. Found it Town is called Vasteville http://www.panoramio.com/photo/58099007?source=wapi&referrer=kh.google.com
  13. hi guys About 2 years ago, I read something about a beach somewhere in northern France, with a couple of abandoned tanks and trucks from D-Day. I remember some pictures of about 10 or 15 vehicles right in the middle of the sandy dunes, with the typical dune grass plants growing around them. I think this place was located somewhere between the D-Day landing sites and the Mont St.Michel, but I am not sure. I just tried to google for this place, but can´t find any info. Does anyone know this place or a town nearby? I want to find on Google Earth, to get the coordinates. Thanks!!!
  14. Well, could be posed, but still to keep in mind, that the Nordwind operation in this area that just took place in the weeks before taking this picture caused about 15000 casualties for the IV U.S. Corps.
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