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  1. Wow, almost 10 years later and this thread is still going! My eBay username is nazchapdwd. I mainly buy but sometimes sell. As my username suggests, I'm into chaplain-related items!
  2. Perhaps a correction which some of you could help with. I assumed that the "95" in the center of the triangle of the Stalag stamp was the Stalag number. As I've just tried to find more information on this camp, it seems the IIIB around the circle is the camp. Am I reading that correctly? What, then, is the 95?
  3. I recently acquired an interesting pair of books (not together). The first is a Bible in English given to English-speaking POWs in German POW camps. It has the approval or clearance stamp from Stalag 95. The other is a devotional book given to German POWs in the U.S. It has the U.S. "passed" stamp. Interestingly, they were both given by the same organization: the Ecumenical Commission for Chaplaincy Service to Prisoners of War.
  4. Yep, General Order Number 1 (from HQ, Multi-National Crops-Iraq), under #3 "Prohibited Activities": "i. Removing, possessing, selling, defacing, or destroying archeological artifacts or national treasures." Of course, archeological artifacts are different than war trophies. Under GO#1 war souvenirs which are approved and authorized include: "helmets and head coverings; bayonets; uniforms and uniform items such as insignia and patches; canteens; compasses; rucksacks; pouches; load bearing equipment; flags; military training manuals; books and pamphlets; posters; placards; photographs; or other items that clearly pose no health or safety risk and are not otherwise prohibited by law or regulation. Don't get me wrong, I was tempted when visiting Ur...very tempted! But I satisfied myself with pictures of what I found, and what I could buy legally.
  5. Yeah, I've been there too (took groups there for tours). Ancient pieces of "trash" are all over the place, especially in the area they think was a trash dump but it's all still artifacts that belong to the Iraqi people. Any find at any archeological site is still protected, as I understand it. I think it may even have been mentioned in one of the General Orders...
  6. I thought that it was illegal to take artifacts found at archeological sites in Iraq, like Ur.
  7. Nice collection! Do you know what the "H.H.D." stands for, who that particular maker is?
  8. So does the color of the helmet (repainted) indicate a re-issue for a particular period or era?
  9. (Hopefully this is the correct place to post this) I pulled out an M1 helmet/liner which I've had for years to try to determine a date for it. I had originally found it while working as a residential trash collector (garbage man). I dumped a can in the truck and there was this helmet along with some other TA-50. I assumed it was of more recent production as it resembled what I wore in Basic Training in the 1980s. As I researched it, I think I may have more than I though I did so would appreciate your help. It's a swivel-bail, front-seam Schlueter so was definitely produced during the years of WW2, correct? The color seems darker than WW2 issue, though I'm no expert. What do you think? I assume these were continued to be used in subsequent years so were they re-painted? I understand there were just about 2 mil of the Schlueters produced, does this add much value, even if repainted? The liner that I found with it seems to indicate a later use (if they were used together, which is likely unless the guy who threw it out was a collector). The liner is a Firestone with green webbing and A-shaped black washers (?) but does NOT have the eyelet on the front. Does the liner look like 1960s production?
  10. Thanks, all, for your wise counsel (I love this forum!). I stayed away from it. It sold for $77.11 with only 2 bidders.
  11. I've enjoyed seeing these chaplain helmets! Here's my one (1!) authentic chaplain helmet. Worn by a chaplain in both Afghanistan and Iraq, 25 months total, though not consecutive.
  12. BTW, the seller is marvelyn51 in the California if anyone knows of him...
  13. Looking at this helmet on Ebay, no bidders at $75. I'm wondering if everyone else recognizes it as fake or if there's just nobody else interested. Any help would be appreciated... including if you think it's worth $75...
  14. nazchapdwd

    chaplain kit

    If anyone is still following this . . . In the movie "For God and Country" (with Ronald Reagan) it shows the chaplains carrying their kits in and out of the chapel in garrison. They appear smaller than the "field altars" I've seen from WW2, though. Any insight on this, Chap15?
  15. Very nice desk (and set-up)!
  16. Nice pictures! Looks like a great experience to see where significant history took place-then to make it more significant by Scripture reading and prayer! Hooah!
  17. I think there's an old cantonment chapel (not sure if it's WW2) they're decomissioning here at Ft. Leonard Wood, not sure if they're tearing it down, selling it, or what. I know they can no longer use it . . . though it had been used regularly up until about a year ago.
  18. Are you looking to buy a WWII chapel to be your own museum or put it on a post?
  19. So . . . I was just wondering . . . if you have an heir . . .
  20. I would have given my left arm for that chaplain kit if it was complete. Well, maybe a finger off of my left hand . . .
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