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  1. Hi Ken, Heared that more often that the girls are quite tall over here! But, if I look around in now a days street view with this beautiful weather then I also notice that they are not just tall, but also become more rounded!!!! And all are complaining about the crisis, but if you look how round they are I am wondering were the crisis is!!!! Well, I am a person that wants to speak the language when I visit a country other then my own. I don't speak, write, read or can understand French and that is why it kept me away from Normandy. But, if you can't do it your self, you just look
  2. Hi Ken, Today I scrolled through your topic for a few minutes......uuuhhhh hours......uuuhhh.....during "worktime"! Must say, loved all the stories, the "then and now" pictures and the recoveries from the former battlefield! I collect now for 21 years and never visited Normandy.... :crying: :think: Well, it probaly is going to change on short term. Your pictures show that there is still a lot to see and even if you are not interested in WWII ( like my girlfriend ) then there is still enough to enjoy! Your name did ring a bell..... We never met, but I did know it from
  3. Hi Fabio, Thanks for the compliments! Everybody calls it a museum, but it is nothing more then a space I build to be able to display it properly and have an excuus to collect more! If you got the space..... Regards, Henri
  4. Christian, You do turn up every were!!!! Yes, pleased that I joined! Great site!!! Henri
  5. Thank you for the compliments! Keep track on this topic and may be in the future I will post some close up shots of the helmets!!!
  6. If I want to start a local war.....I will follow your display options.....
  7. Most impressive collection! :thumbsup: I do love the personal items, rations and demolition items! I still have a long way to go....... :crying:
  8. Great piece! :thumbsup: And what you mentioned.....it looks to most people as an ordinary standard M1, but it is the name and history that makes it a one of a kind! And what you and Steve have.....isn't that they way it works these days? When nice pieces get in to collections, they most time hit the show tables any more. Connections are the most important! You and you alone decide who you think appriciates an item the most. Most time top dollar is not even mentioned, as long as you know that the piece will be appriciated and taken care of! Great find from the both of you! :t
  9. What most people don't realize is that when you donate an item, you also donate ownership! This means that a museum or who ever gets the specific item(s) can do with it what ever they want!!!! It is the basic principal that people want to believe that their item is safe in a museum! Best way is what Sgt Brown wrote....a contract that specific tells that the item is on loan! This way the owner or his / her family will always keep ownership and the museum, writter or what ever, can't do a thing with out permission! If they still do it, it is fraude and theft! I also got gifts in t
  10. Hi Laurent, Thanks for your message! Check your messages....I have send you a PM. Great to be here!!!! Henri
  11. Thanks for the compliments Dennis! I must honestly say, got most medals by accident!!! Some one offered me a collection that belonged to his father who passed away 4 years before. Everything was in boxes and we just opened a few. Price was so attractive that I bought the complete lot and when I got home it appeared that there were about 600 medals in the lot!!!! Among them the MOH! Still have to sort out a lot, because there are also Russian, Polisch, French, Belgium and a lot more! My first intention was to keep all WWII related medals and sell or trade all medals that are from 19
  12. @Blake_E Thanks for the compliments! Just keep track on the topic and now and then there will be additions! After your post there is added more.....
  13. Last one for today..... Some weapon related items!!!! I do love boobytrap and demolition items, but difficult to get! So, for now......ENJOY!!!
  14. A display case with flight related items.....
  15. Again.....personal items......tabacco!!! Most are full, but not advised to consume them!!!! :crying:
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