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  1. Those Remington boxes are just early # 6 loads. One even has plastic hulls. I checked, there's no "US Government" markings on the boxes. Just good old rabbit shooters. Thank again for the info. -RS
  2. Al, thank you for the info! I appreciate it. Here are some better photos. -Randy
  3. Hi Gentlemen, I have taken a few years off from collecting military items. I have been pursuing other activities. Well, last week I was looking at a local auction site which was auctioning off a huge estate. I spotted an anvil I wanted and looked for some other tools. Suddenly, these flight suits popped up. It was a semi- blind auction ,internet only, no inspections,a brief description and one or two pictures. On the day, I was one of the only bidders. The whole lot sold for around 300 bucks. The B3 jacket is in great shape. A little firm but not stiff. Some minor rub marks, no tears. A
  4. If you buy a 1977 Chevy Luv truck, look under the front seat. My Gerber Mk 2 was stashed under the seat, arghhh! Unfortunately, I sold the truck in 1988.
  5. Wow, I am a little late to this post, but it was awesome. I enjoyed it immensely.
  6. Wow, I love that lighter ! The various fonts and graphics are cool. It's time to get it running again.
  7. Bill, I chuckled at your post, because my Kentucky family has been hiding guns in their houses for years...and forgetting about them. It not unusual to get a call from my elderly mother inquiring as to who left a Luger in a forgotten sock drawer or a springfield under a guest bed. If we weren't hunting with them, we hid them. So, keep looking and good luck !
  8. I love the subject matter of missing art work and plundered riches. The "Rape of Europa" still stands as a favorite. Who knows what treasures still reside in the attics of Europe?
  9. Hi Guys, I worked on this movie out in New Mexico [it doubled for Afghanistan]. Marcus Luttrell was an adviser and also has a bit part. On set, he was the star. People gathered around him and he signed autographs with a humble "thank you." I agree, Mark Walberg was a strange casting choice. However, he was one of the producers and he brought to light a story of heroism and sacrifice. Shooting the final scenes of destruction were the hardest scenes I have ever shot in a 23 yr career. I cannot fathom how Marcus watched his life played out in fantasy. He was gracious and humble...one of the
  10. Sorry, I can't help you there. My theory has always been to look in states I could easily drive to. I figured shipping costs might outweigh any cost saving on the original item. However, check out a site called "USHIP." I have had outstanding success with them shipping tractors and vehicles. Good Luck. PS: I just checked Gov't Liquidation this morning. They have a Shelby Cobra 427 for sale in CA. Probably an IRS parade car?
  11. I won two m-16 rifle racks from Gov't Liquidation. Paid my money and picked them up at Kirtland Air Base. It was super easy. They even loaded them on my truck. I check "GL" all the time. However, I am very curious about some of the vehicles.
  12. It heartens me to see that Crosman pelletgun and the Daisey BB gun are protecting that nasty, dangerous Randall knife. We had a couple of buybacks here in New Mexico...best gun shows we've had in years, ha!
  13. Thank you for the information gentlemen. Tonomachi was correct. The soldier is from the14th Ranger Infantry Company. When I looked inside his cap, there was a small handstitched "14" in red thread on the sweatband. I am always amazed at the knowledge of our forum members!
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