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  1. Maybe a harness for climbing rocks and such? We have these in construction to keep you from falling 6 stories and going splat.
  2. How do you tell a WW1 T handle from a WW2 T handle? Anyone have any photos to show?
  3. You got 6-8 more on the way man. As soon as I get them packaged and sent. They aren't as nice buttttt, you can sucker some guy into them I am sure. Charlie
  4. No, not a vest. A shoulder bag. Like a gas mask bag but different, this site has one, but I was tghinking 125 is to much for it. http://users.tinyworld.co.uk/stahlhelm/us.htm It is 3 down from the top.
  5. I have a WW1 grenade bag, it is not perfect, but no tears or holes and all markings are intact. I am working on my catalog and was wondering what a rough estimate of value on this is, not that I intend to sell it, it is a merely a guide for my mother if something happens to me.
  6. Good looking set up for sure! Not many like this!
  7. Beautiful. I see some eaglesnap stuff there. Good stuff, hard to get anymore.
  8. Suppose I should updated, photo of my new tattoo (5 more on the way now that my buddy is going to be a tat artist), and me pretty at a show. Personally I would rather not be identified, those who need to know me will know me, I am a camillion.
  9. What was the maltese cross issued on the medal for? Dumb question I know.
  10. Now that is sweet! Give me give me give me!!! Great grandpas was in the 29th in 1. Really would love a 29th jacket
  11. Don't worry about it man, lately this place has been a free for all and no one is caring to step in. Several members including myself do not even waste our time 90 percent of the time anymore to participate like we used to (and some don't even bother to log in) because our items are not appreciated or they are rediculed, so it is just a waste of time to bother trying to post. If it isn't infantry, airborne or a special unit and USMC from WW2, who cares? And it seems if we don't have the right name attached to the item to get views or comments. Now there are some exceptions to that, but rea
  12. Man I really appreciate the support on that issue, hey, its 45 bucks. Bought a fake ratzi flag one time for 250. And yeah man, it is kind of upsetting when you spend that much on fake cloth, but so what, its a fake, how much is a good bike helmet these days? What about the paint job, that looks like at least 5-10 in paint and 10 ok work, so right there, if the helmet is 25-30 dollars he did pretty good don't you think?
  13. I use a pic frame with a piece of cloth behind it personally, it can look good and bad.
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