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  1. Awesome thanks for the info!!! Still keeping an eye out for a more correct bike but they seem few and far between, at least at reasonable prices haha.
  2. Th seat and handlebars are all the way own in the picture. I believe upon checking into it ( still doing research) that it may be a boys bike. The tires are only 24 inch so its on the small side for an adult bike I believe ( issue US bikes were 26 and the British were 28). I have a picture of th logo but its to big to post here. It looks like it may say manufactured in England but not sure. Also appears to have a man holding a bike frame. Thanks for the help! Our group is just starting out so we are going through the growing pains all groups go through. We are recreating a WW2 aerial f
  3. I picked this bike up and started doing some research on bikes as Im not familiar with them. The information on this thread is very useful!!!! Looking at the bike I got, it appears to be the correct era civilian bike. Can anyone confirm that? As posted earlier I think doing it in olive drab (the right kind) and using it to get around the airfield will work well.
  4. Starting to restore this, if anyone has pictures that would be great.
  5. Looking for other groups and individuals that want to do ietnam living history events in the north east region. We have a training weekend coming up in April and a firebase weekend coming up in August. The training weekend will cover most topics that anyone wanting to do living history will need to know. Lots of hands on time, we are putting on the finishing details of this event so please stay tuned for more info! August 10-11-12 2012, step back into time and onto a US Army firebase, this is a great event that has been growing every year! For more information please email me at
  6. Found a USAF Survival sled today and trying to find out what color it should be, looks like this one has been repainted several times to include OD orange and blue. Any information on what contents go in it or what parachute was used etc etc would be great as well. Thanks Doc
  7. Was going through the forum trying to get some new ideas for displays and events that we do and found some but not as many as I thought so figured I would start a thread. Ill start off with some of the group I am with. I think I have some other but will have to find them and get them ready. Hope to see some others post as well!!!!
  8. Nice setup! Name of bombs away and a gary owen DUI?? Identity crisis? lol
  9. Crap that means I have the wrong ones. Oh well. Thanks for the link and info! Not sure how I missed that one while searching. Thanks Doc
  10. I got a set of M19 binoculars and had thought they were vietnam era, however have found they are an updated version of m14? So does this mean that the m14 is the correct Vietnam era binocular? Ill try to get some pictures of them up soon. Thanks Doc
  11. I had a set like that when I was doing WW2 events. I think the ones that I had were early Bayonet INC ones that had no markings on them, they were very hard to tell from the real ones.
  12. The moore ones aren't cheap, BUT THEY ARE GREAT! I have ordered just about every uniform he makes and love them all. The attention to detail is great! Doc
  13. I think you are looking at maybe 50s and more likely the 60s-70s
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