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  1. Hello I have not had one repaired/refinished but below is from their site. As blacksmith said I would leave as is, but unless it is a special model I wouldn't think it would do much to value, of course if military use that could be documented best to leave alone. https://www.randallknives.com/
  2. Hello A new piece for the accumulation I found this to be interesting, hope you do too.
  3. Hello Andrew I sent the link to your question to a friend, Sheldon, and he replied as follows: Without having the knife in hand, I'd have to go with the OP's assessment; basing much of this off the sheath - no rivets at the sheath mouth, no rivet on the missing keeper strap , no wide flaring at the sheath mouth, narrow stone pocket flap, etc. puts the ship date somewhere between 1953 and 1955, IMO. The blade grind with narrow choils and small blade stamp puts it closer to the earlier end of those dates, but older forged blades were often used years after their initial forging
  4. Hello Wondering if anyone can identify the uniform on what I believe is a Sailor in this San Francisco cabinet card Thanks in advance Don
  5. Hello Bill_Carman Thank you for the info Don
  6. Hello I was wondering if anyone can help with an Army Cuban Pacification medal that I received that was dug at Ft. Leavenworth, I have cleaned the rim and it appears to have the No. 1172 but it is weak so not 100% positive, If anyone can tell me who it was awarded to and if that person served at Leavenworth it would be appreciated, if not I will buy the book by Apgar? Thanks in advance Don
  7. 45govt- About 5 years ago split a new box like this with a buddy. The box cost us $325. He sold all 3 of his, I sold two at $125 each, kept one for myself.   Made my investment money back plus, and got a knife in the process. I believe $1500 is way too high. The PAL 36 is a pretty common knife, and a lot are in new condition. Still, if someone wants a mint box of PAL 36 blades bad enough. Curious to see how his sale goes. THX for posting. SKIP

  8. Any thoughts on these? https://www.ebay.com/itm/RARE-US-WWII-BOX-OF-6-PAL-RH-36-FIGHTING-KNIVES-UNISSUED-MILITARY-CONTRACT/383522057429?hash=item594bb22cd5:g:X0cAAOSwRHlepxVY
  9. 1889 Army Rifle Team of Distinguished Marksman Upper row 3rd from left 1st Lt. W. A. Mercer who finished 4th
  10. Hello Just got the correct decapping and priming rod/pin for my kit and thought I would show a picture. Thanks Don
  11. Hello Recent acquisition, a cab card of Henry Metcalfe who designed/invented the Metcalfe devise for the Springfield "Trapdoor" Note the Ordnance buttons on the uniform
  12. Hello Here is a photo I have had in my accumulation for awhile, it was taken in Arizona and is of a possible mounted infantry? The interesting items are the moccasins and the Schofield in his belt.
  13. Hello A recent acquisition Louis Fortmann, Jr., Principal Musician, 9th Infantry Division 1895, this from period writing on reverse
  14. Hello My Great Uncle Hemp, not sure of year or location, did not make it back.
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