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  1. Hello, This could be WW2 period, I picked up a portrait picture of a Air Corps Captain pilot that could clearly be seen wearing this pin on his uniform. Look for 94th FS pilots on the internet, you will find a few men wearing them. Nice pin. Jeff
  2. I just watched this movie about A1C William H. Pitsenbarger, U.S. AirForce, PJ in Vietnam. Medal of Honor Recipient. I highly recommend watching this new movie. Stars Christopher Plummer, William Hurt, Ed Harris, Samuel L. Jackson and Sebastian Stan. Jeff
  3. Hello, I have studied the Soldier's Medals for over 15 years. Although I don't have him on my list, I see nothing wrong with this name engraving, note the N in Sergeant and the N in Von. I will research him and let you know what I find. I have seen full rank engraved. Nice medal, is it numbered on the edge? Jeff
  4. Many foreign soldiers have been awarded the Soldier's Medal for lifesaving acts of heroism in war time and peace time over the years. Jeff
  5. Two more photos, one of most of the unit taken in early 1969 and an unknown member of the unit wearing the colored patch on the pocket of his jungle jacket. These patches would be in the rare category, but the in-country made tab would probably be in the extremely rare patch category. Jeff
  6. I recently purchased a large patch collection, these Rare patches and stickers were part of it. The large sticker was for the APC. Since the small 40 man unit has never been mentioned or the I patches shown, I thought I would share these. The 1st Vulcan Combat Team was sent to Vietnam in October 1968 and left in April 1969. They were to test the use of the M-61 Vulcan 20mm cannon mounted on M-163 Armored Personnel Carriers, a modified version of the M-113s. These were to replace the M-42A1 and M-55 'Quad-50' air defense systems. This unit only consisted of about 40 members including 3 civil
  7. Never seen a 10th Corps batch without the crossbars, how rare is this variation?
  8. Four beret flashes. Is the red one theater made 7th ST Group or another unit? Weird constructed flash next to it. Never seen a subdued beret flash.
  9. Not a clue what they, came in a large patch collection.
  10. I thought I would show this viariation, a British made bullion caterpillar club patch that was in a 6,600 piece patch collection I purchased a couple of months ago.
  11. Are these original WW2 and values. 5th Ranger Bn scroll and 1st Special Service Force.
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