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    Anything military I come across that I or someone else might like that I can possibly afford. Old toys, tools, car stuff, and any other interesting American items from early thru mid 20th century that I come across that I or someone else might like that I can afford.
  1. VERY COOL items you guys have. I bought a canteen with the 11 on on it about 2 years ago. All this time I figured a boy scout or somebody colored the black square in. HAHAHA! Now I see I was wrong.
  2. I personally have had an auction for a piece of US militaria pulled because it was not "modified" to the guidelines or rules. I was told I could do the necessary modifications myself and re-list it. After studying other similar items, and making the corrections. the item was pulled AGAIN. When I contacted e-bay to inquire I was told that because it was NOT done at the factory but by me. I could NOT list it. I had the name, date, and time of my first conversation written down as evidence, no matter, it would not be listed. I then asked how other of the same items were being allowed with obvious
  3. WOW, The way this was presented was excellent. Congratulations. It had my anxiety level up as I went along! The most haunting part for me are the photos of his father. Enough to bring a tear to my eye. I don't think most folks can even fathom what our nation endured during WW2. Something like this would be extremely educational to school children today. Really to any group of Americans who are interested in our history. Thank You for sharing this in the way you have.
  4. I'm wasn't sure if I wanted in on this or not but, here goes. From time to time {to my wifes eye rolling} I will wear a M-51 field jacket with 1st sgt. stripes, embroidered CIB etc, a HBT shirt with rank & SSI, or a repro tanker jacket. I'm NOT a hipster but, I just like this stuff. Never had a problem in public. Anytime anyone has asked, I point out FIRST that I am a collector of these type things and explain what it is etc. Kinda like subtle advertising if you will. Once or twice it has led me to purchases. Anyone who is in the know on this stuff can guess I am way younger than what I we
  5. WOW, thanks for showing this. I like it all, but the Q-bars blew me away. I have not been collecting but a few years and to think I was stoked to find a bayonet bar HAHAHA.
  6. Really cool. There's alot of history there. 3 wars and 3 awards of the CIB. That's a super special group you have.
  7. Fantastic! I've been collecting 6 years and seeing things like this really keep me in awe. Knowing that the interesting and rare are still out there is what helps keep me hunting. Thanks for showing the helmet.
  8. WOW. I love the leader tabs with Korea on them, VERY cool. Seeing the combat tanker badge is my "you learn something new everyday" lesson. I have'nt ever heard of that, much less even seen one. Until now. Iwould LOVE to see the other stuff. Especially the '52 pin-up calender, woo-woo!
  9. VERY COOL! I like it. The pockets kinda remind me of a Mr. Rogers sweater......if he were in the 8th air force. HAHA. I'm a big fan of the felt patch too. The field/tailor modified stuff is very interesting and some of my favorite things to see. Really shows the individual preference or better ideas of those who could do it or have it done. Personalization. Great addition.
  10. The pencil is extremely cool in its own right but, being owned by Dick Winters is fantastic! I like it!
  11. Hello, that's a cool haul you picked up. I was curious to ask if you would be selling any of the Alaskan Defense officers shirts? If so, could you post a few pictures of the damage? Do you have any idea of their sizes? I would vote against disassembling the stuff. It might be rough but a tailored officers jacket is pretty cool. Also what is the item to the left of the parka in the photo? Again, thats a COOL pick-up.
  12. That's some neat stuff you picked up. The re-enactment group I am a part of, portrays the 14th Armored, operating M1a Stuart tanks. Any time I see anything related to the 14th, it gives a cool feeling knowing we are "representing" (so to speak) that persons service during the war. Unfortunately, we dont have any rosters, or much in the way of original paperwork, but the collectors in the group try to keep an eye out for such items. The field jacket looks great! I have'nt seen many early ones like that, with the flap pocket. The IKE is cool also. I would love to know the history on the guy. I g
  13. VERY COOL find! I believe they were called "boots, service, combat" officially. Developed from the standard service shoe, they were designed to replace the canvas leggings, which were'nt easily put on or taken off. I have done some WW2 re-enacting, and I can testify to that! Designed to be part of the new uniform, M-1943 they were to go with the M-43 field jacket and combat trousers?. I have found only 1 pair so far. They are dated FEB. 1945. I cleaned them with saddle soap, and then oiled them with baseball glove oil/conditioner. Seems to me to have done just fine with no negative effects. T
  14. WOW! The Perfect Circle rings patch is TOO COOL! Military AND hot rod stuff. My 2 favorite items to hunt down!
  15. That is a great grouping. Its cool to see such a large lot of womens army items. It might be an elementary question, but what is the patch in the top left with the 3 gold arrows on the gold wings? I dont recall seeing that before.
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