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  1. Also, Corp Staiger, finished the war as a Sgt with the Bordeaux Casual Company #3025, leaving Bordeaux in Sept 1919. Hope this helps with ID.
  2. Corp. Charles Staiger served in Butchery Company #329, Q.M.C.
  3. A close up of the shoulder insignia. Any ideas about this patch?
  4. A recent find for me, and it's a complete puzzle: US officer type collar insignia and no branch of service, honorable discharge and single overseas stripe, interallied victory ribbon, no rank insignia...and an unknown shoulder patch.
  5. Thanks to all for your kind words. Thanks also to JB Floyd for posting the list of casualties, which helped me find the details about this grouping. I hope other Mexican Service Purple Hearts will be posted here.
  6. I am resurrecting this topic to add a Mexican Service Purple Heart group. The Purple Heart is named and numbered, and the Mexican Service Medal is also numbered. The Philippine Insurrection Service Medal is numbered and engraved with the year 1910, which corresponds with this soldier's service time in Jolo, P.I. (The campaign medal numbers are outside the traceable range). The Purple Heart was awarded for a gunshot wound to the knee suffered on November 1-2, 1915, during the Second Battle of Agua Prieta, Mexico. The 7th Infantry Regiment was detailed to Douglas, Arizona to prevent
  7. Name: Robert J Howe Jr Departure Date: 12 Nov 1936 Departure Place: Fort Slocum New York Arrival Place: Quarry Heights Canal Zone Ship: Chateau Thierry Military Unit: 2 Inf Rank: Private Service Number: 6902131 From ancestry's Army Transport Lists.
  8. An excerpt from Bailey's foreword in his book: "The writer is aware that many of the incidents related may not seem plausible, and will tend to create incredulity, especially among those who do not wish to believe. In recognition of this tendency, the names and residences of other living witnesses are given. The writer is in possession of additional evidences not available for the press, — bullet-scarred body, bullet-torn coat, stiffened with his blood, maps, compass, cartridges, and numerous other relics of his experience, — which are subject to the inspection of the incredulous or curio
  9. I was researching Union Officer POWs and my research brought me to 1st Lt. George W Bailey, aide de camp to Gen M.L. Commander of 2nd Division. George W Bailey was taken prisoner in Georgia in 1864. He wrote a book about his capture and escape called "A Private Chapter of the War". I found a webpage with the following entry for July 26, 1864: July 26. [bailey decides to] “escape by way of burial…Trusty comrade officers assist. Tin cup, muscles, will, calculating ingenuity, friendly suggestions, briars cut to be stacked in the earth concealing the writer and present uninviting app
  10. A fine looking helmet. If I'm reading the writing properly, it says A.S. Sec. 604. Herbert E. Whipple, Cook, U.S. Army Ambulance Service Section 604, is on the troop transport list of 6/13/1918. He was from Laceyville PA. A likely match.
  11. The building is Texas A & M. I see that E J Altgelt (listed in the Arrangement Committee) graduated from A & M in 1892, so that matches up well.
  12. Found on Ancestry a Major named Tuan: Name: Le Anh Tuan Date Recommended Award Received : 18 Jul 1972 Date Award Forwarded : 16 Aug 1972 Service/Country: RVN Army Command/Staff: III Corps Recommended Award: Silver Star Approved Award: Silver Star Location Award Presented: Award Presented in Republic of Vietnam [south Vietnam] (RVN) Posthumous: Award presented while Living
  13. The photo on the left shows part of the Pantheon de la Guerre, an enormous mural painted to include famous people involved in the war. 402 feet long by 45 feet high, it was the largest painting in the world.
  14. Eleanor Standard is listed among the nurses of the 17th General Hospital Harper Unit leaving Detroit for Overseas, according to photos in the Reuther Library at Wayne State University. 17th General Hospital served in North Africa and Naples, Italy in WWII.
  15. The decorated blanket appears to have the name Verdun written beneath the Indianhead. I checked the name Verdun the Mule and discovered that "Miss Verdun" was the mascot of Battery E 15th Field Artillery. The website Texas Highways has an article about her. Verdun was born in 1918 and nursed by Stable Sgt Norman Kendall after her mother died at Belleau Wood. As mascot, she stayed with the regiment through the Occupation and, despite the quarantine restrictions, sailed back to the US with the 15th. The article says Sgt Kendall was punished, but Verdun was allowed to live out her days at Ft Sam
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