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  1. Nevermind. I used their ribbon builder and it showed me the 2 correct options. Thanks for your input Sabrejet.
  2. I did see that chart and that's what got me to where I am. What I am unsure of is if these ribbons can be on one bar in the right order or if there is a mximum number of ribbons allowed on a bar.
  3. My grandfather was awarded the following and I'm hoping I've got the correct order figured out for the ribbon bars. Army Good Conduct (single bar on top of a ribbon bar with the 3 ribbons listed below) European-African-Middle Eastern Campaign, WWII Victory, Army of Occupation (3 ribbon bar under the single ribbon good conduct bar)
  4. Thank You very much for the info on the CAF. I figured the shirt was something like what you described, Lee.
  5. Ahh...good question. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the duck info. Was I right about the ribbons?
  7. Just to be sure about the ribbons too...for his army reserve service during the Korean War it would be, as the picture shows: Good Conduct, Korean War, Army Service, Armed Forces Reserve, Reserve Officers' Association That is what he would have been wearing on his unifrom at the time? What about the "ruptured duck" discharge pin? He was honorably discharged after 7 years. Sorry about all the questions, his papers were lost in the '73 St. Louis fir apparently and he has not had the greatest memory.
  8. Awesome. What about the hat pin? Just the standard one?
  9. I did read the pinned post about ribbons and it actually help me solve the last one on the second row being a Reserve Officers Association ribbon. Thank you for your help!
  10. He was part of the US 2nd Army and was supposedly a corporal in the signal corps at the time. He says he was a pilot with the rank of colonel, in the Commemorative Air Force in the Cleveland Wing until the they disbanded. This explains the "Ghost Squadron" patch and "CAF" pin above the ribbons. But as far as my research has lead me the CAF was not military related. What I'm lloking to do is a nice shadow box of all the things he would have worn during his service, hat pin, correct collar brass, patches, etc.? Based on the military related stuff there and the story I have gotten, what t
  11. I'm hoping someone may be able to identify the silver "landing" eagle pin on the collar of this uniform. It was a reserve uniform my grandfather wore during his time in the reserves for Korea. He says it is the colonel rank but, in my research, haven't seen that rank displayed like that. Also, are the ribbons, patches, and collar pins representative of what he would have actually wore during his time or is this more of a memorial type shirt?
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