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  1. Hi Dustin, Great books ! Got my two volumes via Amazon.fr this month. Congratulations for the work on the subject. A+ Mathieu
  2. Hi Dustin, I am very interrested in these books ! As already said a reference on the subjet. Mathieu
  3. Thank you Dusin for this information. This can explain also the change on the shape of the pack with the AN-6513-1A barrel pack instead of the AN-6513 square pack. Mathieu
  4. Hi Carl, Due the high demand for back type parachute during the 2 last years of the war I think the last B-8 parachutes manufactured in 1945 have been assembled with complete harnesses of seat type parachutes. It is for the same reason that bayonet fasteners were used in place of hooks on the B-8 parachute products in 1944. This material was to come from old S-1 parachutes reformed. Here a B-8 parachute manufactured in 1945 with a harness from a seat type parachute (part no 42G2012). Mathieu
  5. Hi Everyone, Thank you for your kind comments. The book has one year now ! Mathieu As an USAAF fan I continu to work on the subjet ! Here a new update of the list of corrections of my previous post: *page 11 : Helmet, Flying, Summer, Type A-8 : I have found the contrat no. 41-11886-P *page 39 : add the Cord CD-716 (Stock No. 3E1716) which allow to connect the PL-179 jack to US Transmitters with a PL-55 jack. *page 41 : Jacket, Flying, Winter, Type B-3 : new manufacturer : Phillip’s Tanning & Clothing *page 48 : Jacket, Flying, Intermediate, Type B-15
  6. Hi, I have found in my archives a photo of a raft pack AN-6520-1 made in April 1943 without slot. This model is normaly an early model produced by USAAF in 1942 and should be an AN-6520 type ? A+ Mathieu
  7. Hi Dustin, Pilots on the photo are from the Brasilian Air Force. The Brazilian pilots initially flew from 31 October 1944, as individual elements of flights attached to 350th FG squadrons, at first in affiliation flights and progressively taking part in more dangerous missions. Less than two weeks later, on November 11, the group started its own operations flying from its base at Tarqunia, Italy, using its tactical callsign Jambock. Brazilian Air Force stars replaced the white U.S. star in the roundel on the FAB Thunderbolts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sToisgQWMPg
  8. And here attached to the seat parachute as showed in the wartime photo Thank you for the document and the photo. A+ Mathieu
  9. Here filled with some elements : CO² cylinder and paddles :
  10. Hi Dustin, Here more photos of the pack: inside view with the 3 pouches for Water and Sea Marker, Drogues and repair Kit and First Aid Kit.
  11. Hi Dustin I found in a color movie about the 57th FG in the MTO the use of this type of pack (see after 12 minutes) : http://timkiem.tv/death-match-hitler-s-luftwaffe-vs-p-47-thunderbolts-in-europe-720p-15953706 A+ Mathieu
  12. Hi, I received the pack. The pack had originally the 2 snaps sewn. This is not a modification made later in the war to use it with a B-8 parachute or an A-3 harness. I am agree with Dustin that two snaps were cut off when the pack was used with a seat parachute. I am looking for wartime photos showing this pack with a seat parachute. Pilots from 56th, 78th and 362nd FG were equipped with RAF dinghy packs Type A or B. Thanks, Mathieu
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