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  1. that is sad news. Condolences to his family and friends.
  2. that is a fantastic story and also a neat historical artifact, Bob. Would make an excellent framed display. Terry
  3. RIP Bob. Condolences to his family and many friends. Terry
  4. that looks fantastic, Ken. Your hard work is paying off in a beautiful display. Nice job! Terry
  5. wow, that's really nice Ken! Always gratifying to see something one has planted and tended reach a point of such beauty. Nice job! Terry
  6. Maybe prodigious amounts of Velcro would work without damaging the frames?
  7. Ken, that's a nice amount of work outside you've accomplished lately! Make sure you share some photos with us when that wisteria is blooming! Terry
  8. Wow, great work Manny. Those railings must have entailed some tedious OptaVisor action! Terry
  9. Hi Ken! Nice to be back although it took quite awhile to get current again and plow through all those pun posts! I must say I shed a tear or two reading about the disposition of your unfortunate Matchboxes at the hands of a misguided relative! The horror! I think many of us who have collected one thing or another have had similar experiences. Those are some fine, quite vintage, examples you've shown. To keep things military-related here on The Forum, by any chance do you have the Matchbox Saladin or Centurion? Stay well over there! Terry
  10. Ken, now you've got my attention! Vintage Matchbox in original boxes! Awesome items sir. Terry
  11. Thanks jagjetta! Looking forward to the article about the Alvis Stalwart. Terry
  12. For lightweight headgear, like garrison caps, I have just shoved a roll of pennies into the stryo head's hole. Fits like a glove and only costs 50 cents. You just need to make sure the styro head has a fairly flat bottom. Again, for lightweight applications only! Terry
  13. even if it can't compete with a Baby Yoda, it's quite a handsome stand. Nice work! Terry
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