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  1. Variation of m6 rocket bag? No markings or snaps.
  2. Picked this up over the weekend. The guy said he had another that looked like a P38 that he gave to his neighbor. Lucky neighbor!
  3. Came across this last weekend and went back today and picked it up. I thought it would display well for a lot less $$ than the real thing.
  4. Thanks everyone. When it didn't say Army Air Force I had my doubts it wasn't WW2 Era. Lots of high priced stuff in that store!
  5. Running with the wife yesterday and this caught my eye. Thought it was pretty neat, but didn't pick it up. The interesting part of it was that it was made out of canvas or some other fabric material versus paper/fiber. Anyone have one or know anything about these? WW2 ERA or something post war? It was in a poster frame and I couldn't find any dates. Thanks
  6. You got that right. Thanks for everyone that commented. After seeing the one on E bay posted above-the back side of this one had the exact same kind of spilled blue paint splotches. I see that one is also listed as a door push-sign. ?? This seller also had a number of license plate toppers: Exterminate the rats -but the art work just didn't look right to me. Asking price for this one and those was 150 bucks each. As much as I liked it-I've got do to some research before I shell out that kind of cash on something I'm not familiar with.
  7. I haven't seen one of these before and was wondering if it was the real thing?
  8. Ran across this today and thought it was pretty unique. ARC uniform & (the story) is her kit which was mounted on the back of bike that was used to get around to area to area. I didn't pick this up, but thought it might be good for a women's ARC re-enactor or living history display. Really don't know anything about these-issued? Just a bike kit converted to her use? Opened up it has the first tray/compartment and that also lifts up for one big compartment that runs along both sides of the rear tire..
  9. The dairy's include: Dolly Madison, Millers, Cloverleaf, Winfield, Midwest, Sibley Farms and Athens. Here are a couple more pics of some smaller ones in my collection.
  10. Replying late to this thread, but might as well keep it going. Here is a pic of a few I picked up. Have some others I'll have to photo and post as well.
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