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  1. I have seen that sigh before, only in pics, the year I was born. Spent 15 years in recruiting myself too.
  2. Show the follower? have you tried a 7.62 round in it?
  3. Well this is not embarrassing to me, but to the Soldier it may be if he tells anyone. Back in 1997 I was a recruiter in Salt Lake. I was down at MEPS just hanging around for my applicant to be finished and we could leave for the day. I was asked to come in the the liaison office as another applicant had an issue. Come to find out, he showed up to process without any drawers on. MEPS policy is you have to have socks, closed toes hoes and drawers on to process. Well this kid did not follow the rules and here comes SFC Kibler to the rescue. As it turned out, he was a kid from our station a
  4. For when you roll around in the bag you can adjust where the zipper is and you can pull up and just general physical body placement
  5. It is cool, but sad on the other end as well.
  6. that is a short whip base for an antenna for radio
  7. strip it and sell the patch to a 41st div (Bde) combat guy
  8. My father spent hi first 8 years in the Army in the 11th, that is awesome
  9. I still have a bunch dated throughout the sixties in paper bags. Do not have one of those though
  10. Have you contacted the 319th? or DIVARTY at Ft Bragg? or the 82nd Museum?
  11. you could, as a retired Army guy, I would not care, if you look up to a guy like him there isn't a problem. Just don't pass it on that way. But I am sure there is someone else who is trying to peddle an "original" uniform of his, and you know that's BS. Make what you want that makes you happy I say for your display, you are honoring guys like him anyway. Scott
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