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  1. God morning all; Long time no chat with. I just wanted to share this with all of you. I was watching a documentary on the COMBAT WAR Channel named "Medal of Honor The History". The show is narrated by Gary Sinise and produced in 2014. It is a very interesting show displaying the detailed history of the Medal of Honor from it's inception during the Civil War to today. The show discussed the various types of the Medals of Honor, including (you guessed it) The Tiffany Cross. The show posed a list of the 25 recipients of the Tiffany Cross version
  2. And if I may ask, where did you find these medals (city and state)? That might make it easier to trace down Jesse T. Davis.
  3. And now Jesse T. Davis is listed as the recipient of WWII CMS # 671 in the UDC List of Recipients that I maintain. A link to this list is posted on the saved section of this topic area.
  4. And he is now recorded in the UDC Cross of Military Service listing as well. Thank you.
  5. Thanks for the info. W all know that is not conclusive, but it is an interesting point.
  6. Good point, and thanks for the heads up about Call of Duty. I see what you mean.
  7. That makes sense. The first article posted was from 1946, and the American Defense Service Medal was available by them. Thanks.
  8. I am back on the trail of the Lyle E. White Purple Heart. Now that I have confirmation that he did in fact receive a Purple Heart, that got me wondering what other awards he may have received. The story in the other thread listed the following medals that he had received as of 8/21/1946 (A story in the Daily Press, Newport News, VA). Master Sergeant White retired from the Army on August 31, 1947. According to the story indicated above, White had been awarded the following medals: Soldier's Medal Purple Heart (WWI) Good Conduct Philippine Insurrection (I assume this is the Phil
  9. Thanks for the info. I believe your soldier with CMS #7074 is Floyd Everett Teague. I did a Google on him and got lots of info about his service in WWII. THat is a Seahorse on his ribbon; it denotes Overseas service. He served in Europe in 1944 to 1946 Is there any chance you could take a picture of the framed Wentworth Military Academy CMS and email it to me at emccomas57@gmail.com. That would be very much appreciated.
  10. BLESS YOU! I have searched for years for information like this. It does not yet explain the private engraving of the Purple Heart, but at least it now appears that he earned it honestly. I now have some more digging to do.
  11. Yes, many times, and all I can get from NPRC is the AGO card for the Soldiers Medal.
  12. I believe that the seller of these medals is EMedals (Ebay user ID Worldmedals). They are a big militaria firm in Canada. They currently have 11 separate Medal of Honor related ads on Ebay.
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