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  1. Thanks for the info. W all know that is not conclusive, but it is an interesting point.
  2. Good point, and thanks for the heads up about Call of Duty. I see what you mean.
  3. That makes sense. The first article posted was from 1946, and the American Defense Service Medal was available by them. Thanks.
  4. I am back on the trail of the Lyle E. White Purple Heart. Now that I have confirmation that he did in fact receive a Purple Heart, that got me wondering what other awards he may have received. The story in the other thread listed the following medals that he had received as of 8/21/1946 (A story in the Daily Press, Newport News, VA). Master Sergeant White retired from the Army on August 31, 1947. According to the story indicated above, White had been awarded the following medals: Soldier's Medal Purple Heart (WWI) Good Conduct Philippine Insurrection (I assume this is the Philippines Campaign Medal, based on the photo) Cuban Pacification Mexican Campaign (I assume this is the Mexican Border Service Medal, based on the photo) WWI Victory Medal with 5 campaign stars German Occupation (WWI) National Defense (No idea what this is) Foreign decorations: French Croix de Guerre French Order of the Legion of Honor Belgain Croix de Guerre Belgain Order of Leopold The attached picture shows Sgt White from an article about his award of the Soldier's Medal, which was published in the United States Army Recruiting News, dated September 1, 1932. He is shown in this photo with a total of 7 ribbons. The highest positioned medal is obviously the Soldier's Medal. The lowest positioned medal is clearly the WWI Victory Medal with 5 campaign stars. Since the article is dated 9/1/1932, the Army Good Conduct and the Army German Occupation (WWI) medals had not yet been established, so he is not wearing a ribbon for either of those medals. Please take a look at this picture, and the original picture of Sgt White and tell me if I have correctly identified his ribbons. One ribbon I have been unable to identify is the center ribbon in the top row of three ribbons. The ribbon between the Purple Heart and the Cuban Pacification. Also please double check and make sure I have identified the others correctly. Also, the article says that Sgt White was awarded the "National Defense" medal. Now this is 9/1/1932, so the National Defense Service Medal had not yet been established. I am trying to figure out what the "National Defense" medal actually is. And is it possibly the medal represented by the unidentified ribbon in the photo? Thanks. Ed
  5. Thanks for the info. I believe your soldier with CMS #7074 is Floyd Everett Teague. I did a Google on him and got lots of info about his service in WWII. THat is a Seahorse on his ribbon; it denotes Overseas service. He served in Europe in 1944 to 1946 Is there any chance you could take a picture of the framed Wentworth Military Academy CMS and email it to me at emccomas57@gmail.com. That would be very much appreciated.
  6. BLESS YOU! I have searched for years for information like this. It does not yet explain the private engraving of the Purple Heart, but at least it now appears that he earned it honestly. I now have some more digging to do.
  7. Yes, many times, and all I can get from NPRC is the AGO card for the Soldiers Medal.
  8. I believe that the seller of these medals is EMedals (Ebay user ID Worldmedals). They are a big militaria firm in Canada. They currently have 11 separate Medal of Honor related ads on Ebay.
  9. Not if you live in the United States. I suppose that US citizens living overseas could probably get away with it, but it is still probably illegal. A Tiffany Cross is STILL a Medal of Honor, and the rules / laws apply.
  10. HI all; One of the few medals I kept when I sold off my collection was the Purple Heart #7383. A quick reminder of the status of this PH. This Purple Heart is PRIVATELY engraved (and very ornately engraved) to Lyle E. White. I cannot find any information related to a Lyle E. White as a recipient of the Purple Heart. There was a Lt. Lyle E. White that served in WWI, 132nd Infantry Regiment, 33rd Infantry Division. Sometime after the war Lt. White resigned his commission and enlisted. He became Sergeant Lyle E. White. He started his service in 1917, and retired in 1947. He passed away in the mid 1970s. First Sergeant Lyle E. White was awarded the Soldier's Medal in 1931 for saving a woman from drowning in 1928. I have his AGO card. I cannot find anything to indicate that Lyle E. White was awarded the Purple Heart. Now, we all know that early Purple Heart medals were officially engraved by the government. This medal is privately engraved, AND it appears that the back of the medal was sanded down, probably to remove the name of the officially engraved recipient. I once tried a long shot...a forum member had PH # 7380 (which is three less than the White PH #), that was associated with AGO card 7414. I wondered if perhaps AGO card #7417 (which is three more than the AGO card for PH # 7380) MIGHT be the AGO card for PH # 7383. But I could not find any way to get NPRC to search AGO cards based on the AGO card number. Man, we need those AGO records digitized and searchable by computer. So, I am still looking for ideas on how to locate the AGO card that corresponds to Purple Heart # 7383. Any and all ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi all; Just wanted to remind everyone that I am still keeping a list of the United Daughters of the Confederacy Cross of Military Service medals by number and recipient. I continue to update my list as I find new medals that are attributed to a specific recipient. I would very much appreciate anyone that comes across a UDC Cross of Military Service that is attributed to a recipient to let me know. You can add a post to this thread (in the sticky section above) entitled "Electronic file for UDC Coss of Military Service (link below) or email me directly at emccomas57@gmail.com. http://www.usmilitariaforum.com/forums/index.php?/topic/203883-electronic-file-for-udc-cross-of-military-service/ I need to know the Conflict the UDC cross is for, the number of the cross, and the name (minimum) and any associated info about the recipient's military unit and / or service. I would also like to know where you found this information. For Example: WWI CMS, #7854, recipient Guy Hudson Parr, UDC Cross listed for sale on Ebay on 4/18/20. And for your general fund of information, I have the following number of recipients in the list (sorted by conflict): Cross of Military Service count by UDC medal type Spanish American War - 275 Philippines Insurrection - 62 World War I - 3556 World War I Miniature - 54 World War II - 77 Korean Conflict - 13 Vietnam Conflict - 9 Global War on Terror - 3 National Defense Medal - 6 Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal - 3 And finally, I am always willing to assist if anyone has any questions about UDC Cross of Military Service records, etc. Feel free to email me if you have any questions. I still have the photocopies of the original UDC hand written records of recipients for WWI crosses numbered from 5064 to 8100. I have not found the time to put these entries into my list yet. All other photocopied data for other conflicts has been entered into my list. My current list has entries from 4-18-2020. I hope everyone is surviving the pandemic OK. Thanks for your help, and stay safe. Ed McComas
  12. Dave; What an incredible effort, and such a fitting tribute to those that gave their full measure of devotion. I am really looking forward to getting my copy, and silently joining the rest of the forum in reading about, and paying honor to those service members mentioned in your book, as well as those that are not mentioned, but never forgotten. Thanks Dave.
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