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  1. Guys, Thanks a ton for identifying these so quickly for me. Especially the 5th Bomb Wing patch. Like I said, all of my good reference books are packed and in storage as I moved across the country last year. It has been driving me nuts that I couldn't identify these. I knew that there were enough patch experts on here that someone could help Thanks again to all that helped. Rich Mason
  2. Wow. Thank's a ton for this. I seemed to remember that it was a Bomb Squadron (Actually Wing) patch from the 1950s and I thought they flew B-36s, but I couldn't remember the number. It also makes sense that the the Wing has ties to the 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing. I got it when I was working at Beale AFB about thirty years ago, and the 9th SRW was stationed there (U-2s and SR-71s). Plus it has the same color scheme as the patch for the 9th SRW as well. Thanks again for this. Rich M
  3. Gents, I have three patches I could use some help identifying. I moved earlier this year and all of my good reference books are still packed and in storage. The Middle one with the Bulls Head, I believe is a USAF Squadron patch from the 1950s for either a B-58 or B-36 Squadron. I was able to identify it from this forum a couple years ago, but somehow the card that I had written the info down on got separated from the patch, and that is the best I can remember (and I could be totally wrong and confusing it with a different patch ???). Anyway, any help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. What is puzzling me about this one, is that it looks like it is completely factory made as is. These are not modifications. The velcro strips on the pocket flaps and pockets, were sewn on in such a way that the only way they could have been done was during the actual construction of the pockets and the flaps. If they had been added as a modification, the pocket flaps would have the extra inner flap with the button holes, and the pocket would show signs of the buttons being removed. Also, there were never any bottom pockets on the jacket. If pockets had been removed, there would be signs of the
  5. Right sleeve pocket detail, with pocket flap up to show velcro closure strip
  6. Gents, I just picked up this DCU jacket at a thrift store about fifty miles from Fort Lewis. Initially I thought it might be one of the Ranger or SF modified DCUs, where they removed the lower pockets and sewed them on to the sleeves, and added velcro for patches, but on closer inspection, it looks like it was actually made this way from the factory. There is no evidence that there were ever lower pockets on the jacket. The care tag, instead of being sewn on the inside of the jacket, so the stitching would be concealed by the lower pocket, has been sewn to the back of the bottom of the fro
  7. Guys, thanks for the replies. You all think the Ships Detachment patch is a good one ? That is the one I am most unsure about. The other one I have in my collection is the regular style not the felt, so I couldn't really compare it. I looked at several originals listed on e-bay and on all of them the seahorse looked much more detailed than this one does ? Also, I could not find anything similar to style of the 32nd ID patch. I am thinking maybe 1920s or 1930s ???? Sorry again about the Edelweiss patch. I forgot to pull it out when I took the picture. I think it is original, but I
  8. Sorry about the Edelweiss patch. It was part of the group that I bought, but I forgot to pull it out when I took the pic. Rich M
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