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  1. I can't find a tank Bn or an Armored unit, anyone know what it is?
  2. The guy is in his 90's, jump or jungle or jacket are all the same at that age, he did remove it from something back in the 70's. Most of his 8000+ collection is uniform removed.
  3. Hans, The owner could have had the patch and not used it till they changed the design and then cut it down. I sold 6 round bottom WW2 90th Div. to some Tough Ombre stationed in Afghanistan a few years back, he asked me to have velcro sewn on them so they could wear them.
  4. The guy I got this from said ( I called him ) It was 173rd and he removed it from a jump jacket. I checked and the 173rd colors are correct and they were at Tuy-Hoa
  5. You may be correct, I'm finding a few others tagged wrong. I did find an article about MACV Team 19 in Quang Tri but with out an insignia. The MACV Team website has a blank next to Team 19
  6. This was tagged 173rd AB, anyone know if it is or is not.
  7. Biggest patch I ever had. This one is 11-1/2" X 8-1/2"
  8. I love it. Where do you keep getting these fantastic patches
  9. This is one of the few that are not off uniform. This collection was not added to since the 70's, I'm not disagreeing at all.
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