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  1. This book is 29" tall X 24" wide. Might be an article in a future Trading Post, thought I'd post for those of you who are not members. Cover and page1
  2. This was collected mid 70's or before. 2-1/2" Army, USAF or Navy??????????? Korea Vietnam????? Thanks for a solid ID or opinion
  3. Red Cross not military, here is the back of a military Medic
  4. Great finds, shouldn't you return the frames, they do say Property of Coka-Cola
  5. I think all repo's should be permanently marked so!!!!! If you make fake money and do not mark it as a "COPY" you go to jail!!!!! Some of the repo's are marked with a date, I say cudo's to the few that do. All the other unmarked repo's made to fool a novice and sometimes even the EXPERTS would make good fuel for a bonfire. The term " makes a good filler " should be banned also.
  6. He is active rite now, I do not know when he started. Bob or Johnny S might know when A Butler started.
  7. Yours looks like an Andrew Butler repo outta the UK, I see a big difference in the devil's cap, head, leg has no foot, black filler under right arm and the gun is not the same.. Just My opinion and if Andrew was to chime in he'd most likely say it is one of his.
  8. Thanks Dave, I'm going to have to put you on the payroll. Ummmm wait, I don't have a payroll account. Oh well it's the thought that counts.
  9. Thanks Jeff, I have misplaced my notes from the other day and did not want to call and bother you. 7 months in a shed does that to you. Can't wait to head to the SOS, a motel will be like a palace!
  10. I am auctioning a State Guard collection. There are 114 different patches. The 1st half will be starting Monday late afternoon 1/30 and the 2nd half starts Tuesday late afternoon 1/31. I will be using the #'s assigned to them in the Richard W Smith State Guard book. Many #1's and a few not in the book!
  11. Nice group! Blue & Red has neat circle in center of prop.
  12. I posted this patch for an ID a few weeks ago and the post seems to have disappeared. It is not under " MY CONTENT" any more. Just wondering why it was deleted? I found it in Richard W Smith's State Defense Forces # TX-25
  13. If no one has an answer I'll just invent the branch of Military Police Flying Cadets.....
  14. Thanks Dave, I spent 2 hours on the history of the CCC and camp #'s and found nothing on flying. I can tell it's very old. Hopefully some one can say...hey I know what it is.
  15. This was with a CCC group of patches but unmarked. Someone know what it is?
  16. Like everything else, it's worth exactly what someone is willing to pay for it, more if 2 people want it.
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