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  1. This is an interesting OSS Special Force or Jedburgh wing which is very similar to one that I have in my collection. I was told awhile back that the one I purchased is the one pictured on page 130 of the book titled, "Wings of World War II" by Russell J. Huff which came from another book on flight wings. I was told that it was made from a WW2 era RAF pilot wing by cutting off the crown and covering the RAF lettering and wreaths with the red circular cloth. I wasn't 100% sure about these claims due to the fact that it was not one of the four SF wings that Les Hughes has found in the hands of veterans through his research and as such is suspect. I've come across one similar to the one I have but the circular covering and lettering are different but also made by modifying a WW2 RAF pilot wing. I can't get to my wing right now but I it is a duplicate to your wing and I always thought it was a one of a kind made up piece. I have had my wing since the mid to late 1980s. Now that your wing has surfaced I don't know what to think of my wing. I was wondering if there was any provenance if any associated with your wing?


    It is from the same collection that the "Book Of Dreams" came out of. The 90 year old Tanker Veteran I got if from remembers removing from a uniform.

  2. Pat the 21st Ordnance came out of Milwaukee years ago in a scrapbook.The Vet said he had it custom made to his design.One of the neatest patches I have ever seen.Scotty


    Scotty, I love it also, my nose is twice as big as before the show, I had to pay through it for that one!

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