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  1. It is from the same collection that the "Book Of Dreams" came out of. The 90 year old Tanker Veteran I got if from remembers removing from a uniform.
  2. a few request to see these other finds.
  3. last one for today, I hope to see the other great patches from the 2017 SOS
  4. I don't think so, i believe these were made right after the war.
  5. Scotty, I love it also, my nose is twice as big as before the show, I had to pay through it for that one!
  6. Not in the book, the collection did have a vast amount of Armored triangle's and I posted some on a thread you started. 95% are in other collections now.
  7. Pages 18 through 26 are full of 550 more variations of WW 1 & 2 patches
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