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  1. One of the most advanced collectors got this lot and I wanted it bad. I just didn't bid as high as him. These never come and then to have a name tag for each patch. The 5th sold for 1200.00 not long age and it was ID'd wrong. This was one of the BEST grouping I have seen in years. Might be the winner will be writing another book soon.

  2. And where is this auction found? eBay, your website, another online auction house? Please clarify.


    Yes eBay, posting at 1:00 PST spaced 1 minute apart, 84 went up yesterday and the balance of the Qualification patches will begin at 1:00 PST today. Tomorrow will be some Recondo's and Aviation.

  3. I'll be auctioning 1000 patches a month (250 a week over a 3 day period) starting today with 84 tank qualification patches. Everything has a $1.00 starting bid without any reserves. I will not end any auctions with or without bids. I know the $1.00 starting price is too high for some, but "oh well". Bid happy

  4. The radio subsection of the Office of the Chief of Special Services presented radio programs through the American Forces Network (AFN). Five programs were broadcast regularly. In addition, spot announcements were made and special broadcasts were planned when it was deemed necessary. Every Wednesday, during the period 1300-1330, a record entitled "AFN Librarian" was transmitted by one of the Special Services librarians in Munich. On Sundays, during the period 1300-1330, AFN Frankfurt broadcast a program called "Special Services Radio Theater." It was a record made by either a soldier or civilian show performing in the vicinity of Frankfurt. A live show entitled "It's All Yours" was transmitted every Sunday in Bad Nauheim during the period 2000-2030. The cast consisted of twenty-two enlisted men who were musicians, two enlisted men who were vocalists, one CAT, and three specialists from AFN. This show was perhaps the most popular and, because of the great demands that came from all parts of the European Command it was placed on the road for personnel appearances on 6 July. "Special 15," a program featuring Special Services and EUCOM Exchange System news, went on the air from 0845 to 0900 hours on Saturdays beginning on 23 August. Also, when available, guest stars were interviewed. The Eagle Club in Wiesbaden sponsored a program entitled "Easy Listening" during the period 1530-1600 on Thursdays. The program featured enlisted men in an informal variety show which was formerly sponsored by the American Red Gross.




    Fantastic, thank you very much!!!!! I'm convinced this is The radio subsection of the Office of the Chief of Special Services.


  5. Gat this 508th PIR patch at a garage sale for $5. Can anyone tell me if is vintage WWII. It measures 3in in diameter


    Fastest way to tell Not WW2 is the lack of the white in the rifle stock


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