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  1. Today starting @ 1:00 PM PST on eBay I'll be auctioning an Airborne Oval collection with 77 items.
  2. Today we will be listing an extremely nice beret flash collection, over 80 unique items. Bid happy!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. This weeks auctions include 50's, 60's and 70's pocket patches, SSI and cloth DI's. Lots of good chit!
  4. It is noted on a piece of tape on the reverse that I could not make out.
  5. <(*_*)> what we have here is a failure to communicate!!
  6. Found it...............54th Armored Infantry Battalion
  7. Best to cut threads from inside, you might need to open the liner.
  8. What does the L E D stand for please.
  9. Army Postal Service, thanks to Bondo-Bob for posting
  10. Yes eBay, posting at 1:00 PST spaced 1 minute apart, 84 went up yesterday and the balance of the Qualification patches will begin at 1:00 PST today. Tomorrow will be some Recondo's and Aviation.
  11. I'll be auctioning 1000 patches a month (250 a week over a 3 day period) starting today with 84 tank qualification patches. Everything has a $1.00 starting bid without any reserves. I will not end any auctions with or without bids. I know the $1.00 starting price is too high for some, but "oh well". Bid happy
  12. Fantastic, thank you very much!!!!! I'm convinced this is The radio subsection of the Office of the Chief of Special Services.
  13. Fastest way to tell Not WW2 is the lack of the white in the rifle stock
  14. Does anyone know what the significance of It's All Yours is??????????
  15. Grant, I was trying to buy the 2 509th groupings but the seller said "someone" had just bought both. I'm glad you got them. You did very well on them!
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