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  1. I collect strictly QM items. How will you be selling these items? I will not ask for a private sale but I'm just wondering how to be prepared. Did this collection belong to David Olson by chance? Thanks.


    Yes this is the Olson collection, whats left of it.

  2. Some news.


    A chevron expert reported to me, re: post #2 ..."Of the eight 10-inch-wide 1872-pattern chevrons shown, one (Post QM Sgt.) appears to be authentic. The rest are strictly bogus. Fake blue fields with the QM quill and key have been attached to authentic bars (stripes) for various branches of the service. None of those ranks existed".....


    ​They are the chevrons marked "unofficial".


    Dave your expert is spot on, I will be taking those apart. There are a few other pieces that are not original.

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