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  1. I'm auctioning over 550 chevrons from one collection on eBay this week all starting @ $1.00. Great chance to fill in some holes or start collecting them!
  2. These are the last images. Final image is a cast iron part of the Barracks Bed.
  3. Yes this is the Olson collection, whats left of it.
  4. Dave your expert is spot on, I will be taking those apart. There are a few other pieces that are not original.
  5. I wanted to share this amazing Quartermaster collection before parting it out. It will take a few days to post it. Today I'll post about 1/3 of it.
  6. One of the most advanced collectors got this lot and I wanted it bad. I just didn't bid as high as him. These never come and then to have a name tag for each patch. The 5th sold for 1200.00 not long age and it was ID'd wrong. This was one of the BEST grouping I have seen in years. Might be the winner will be writing another book soon.
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