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  1. I have shipped many WW 2 Army and USMC patches to Iraq and Afghanistan for our boy's to wear. I even take them to a local tailor and have velcro sewn on them so they can slap em on right away.

  2. I agree with Steindaddy I wouldn't sell my Air Heraldy for 500.00 But my squadron bible is " World War II Combat Squadrons of the United States Air Force" by USAF Historical Division Air University Department of The Air Force

    ISNB # is 0-8317-1801-4

    contains histories and emblems of 1,226 combat squadrons that saw action in WW 2

    Another good series is by Robert A Watkins "Battle Colors" Volume 1 to 4. He is also doing a CBI book that should be out in August or September.

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