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  1. One more and thanks in advance (*_*)
  2. Anyone know what state used this patch?
  3. Thanks all. I'll go with sellers claim of Korean war era.
  4. Claim was WW 2 & Korean War Veteran wing. Anyone know correct era? Thanks in advance.
  5. The patch police will be after you if you clean them. Seriously, you should leave them as they are.
  6. Unfinished or not it a keen observation and I like it, unfinished patches are in big demand, As Bill about his 69th that sold a few days ago....
  7. I go with Railway Artillery, great looking patch that I've never seen either, glad you posted this Andy!
  8. Many items that sell on fee bay are just ego's showing that their wallet is bigger. I have collectors that want nothing but used and others that only want mint.
  9. Help please, I know I've seen Bill sell this one. CRS got the best of me lately.
  10. I need to pay more attention, but I'm 2 poor to pay attention. Under 18 I didn't see that part. it's great thing yer doing to get these young-ins collecting.
  11. Ur killin me. just start mailing those damn patches to me.
  12. Thanks Johnny S for your help
  13. Can I get some help ID'ing this. Thanks for any help.
  14. Gotta be the variation of the 168th Aero Squadron.
  15. Go ahead and buy one, after the rest hit the market the one you buy will be worth 10% of what you paid. What over the next year or so.
  16. Recently in MA 14,000 WW 1 Liberty Loan Patches were put on consignment with an auction house that has been listing them on eBay. ID is cncauctionhouse . Be careful not to pay the prices he is asking. He will be selling them for years and the prices will drop drastically over the next year.
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