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  1. This one is not on the list. Yellow center (not orange) with a white border. What is it.
  2. There are more than one twill. Some of the different ones I've heard of are foulard, herringbone, houndstooth, sharkskin. flannel, cavalry, chino, covert, gabardine, serge and fancy. I know there are even more Twill's. The patch that started this thread is a Twill.
  3. Hi Chuck. where might I ask did this list come from. I have 4 books showing color inserts and not 2 have the same info.
  4. Small portion of an ID'd Father (WW1) & Son (WW2) grouping you can see at 2014 ASMIC San Diego show Sept 5th & 6th
  5. I have an ID'd grouping of a woman stationed in Alaska in 1944-5 and she wore a Gold Border-Gold Back.
  6. I have had a few off uniform patches that still had stick on PX price tags. The 1st mention of FDR's SS was by Axis Sally in a radio broadcast thinking it would demoralize the unit. Well we all know that didn't happen. Was after that they adopted the nick and that was short lived. I've never seen one still on the uniform and if we ever do it will be a put together.
  7. There is a thread on this toilet paper allready.
  8. Keep em under da table till I C's deem.
  9. I didn't see you were in France till after the last post.
  10. Thanks RTS, this was part of a collection. It is period material and construction. I'll contact one of my collectors in France and see if he knows for sure...I hate to put "I think " next to any patch.
  11. FDR's SS were most likely added in theater, The 30th was dubbed by the Germans FDR's SS after kicking the crap out of the 1st SS division 1945. Shortly after some of the guys added it to their patches and HQ found out they were ordered to remove it. Very rare patch. You have a great find.
  12. Still in need of IN on 1st Patch , gotta be Free French something
  13. Wow you guys ....changed my 3 letter word to RUMP...
  14. You should go hog rump wild and get every patch from every branch and every variation. 6 lifetimes from now & a few million bucks you will have them all.
  15. the Museum is sending me photos of the women wearing the patch and I will post them as soon as I get them. thank you for all your help steve
  16. Yes I just got off the phone with FSH museum. That is a rare patch and will be on display soon. Was going to have Scotty auction it but it belongs in that museum.
  17. 2 stars on the worlds fair ID you are 100% correct. TY
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