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  1. WW 2 ? Found at local estate of WW 2 AAF vet. Patch is 5". I removed as much paper from back as I could.
  2. ebay item # 321594741719 I can not copy & paste for some reason.
  3. I'm aware of both units just not sure which one had this shoulder title. Thanks both
  4. Anyone have any info on this unit?
  5. Not only do you get to buy great items, ( I did get a lot more than I posted) you can meet and talk with the experts of patch collecting. Thanks to all of you for your help and support. I got help there from many dating and it's always great to get the opinion of the guys that write the articles in the ASMIC publications.
  6. Might just be that you find items like these. San Diego CA 2014 finds
  7. I did google " Forged in the fire of battle " and did not come up with anything that ID'd this. The only 4th tank Bn I see is USMC and this Army. Got a link to what you found. I do appreciate your help
  8. Over half the patches in Hans book are from me. He has been one of my best buyer's and friend for years. Yes I left out felt and wool. Should not have picked 99%. Id like to know if a burn test was done on the glowing freak patch. A good 2' UV tube type light is about $20.00. I'm not claiming to be an expert like many of you are, I have bought and sold a few million $'s don't have problems. If it glows I toss it and so do many of my collectors.
  9. UV test with a good light is a GREAT TEST. 99.9% of WW 2 and before are cotton. Cotton will not glow. Again COTTON will not glow. Washing if rinsed properly will not make it glow. If not rinsed properly what ever glow from the soaps will be blotchy and not uniform. When that happens you can rinse with hot water and that WILL come out. Burn test the glowing patches and you will see they are not cotton. I have had some patches that brighten up more than others but not the same glow you see in newer made patches. Reenacters have patches made, worn then removed for the next reenactment because
  10. Thanks for the help. I'll try to be clearer in the future. These were all part of one collection of 50 or so PK's. The S might be a camp follower <(*_*)>
  11. I know they are PK. What are the units?
  12. Sorry to hear this, may you rest in peace Craig. My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends.
  13. The prices are based on slaes over the last few years, cost and fees.
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