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  1. This is a light brown same color as the brown or tan on a 45th Armored Recon. It has been in a book for years and is not faded. Front and back are the same. Thanks for any help. post-119983-0-97001600-1438868352.jpgpost-119983-0-84135100-1438868441.jpg


    Actually they have in house paid trolls. Alot of them are experts in their fields and know all the ins and outs of the sellers. The scuttlebutt has been that they hired some experts out of some of the large auction houses around the world, but they keep it real hush for the several obvious reasons. But I haven't ever been able to confirm any of this it's just what the grapevine says...IMHO and experience leads me to believe it't true.


    BTW Bob, I believe your first post strikes a strong cord of agreement with me. Best ABN


    BTW Bob, I believe your first post strikes a strong cord of agreement with me. Best ABN



    it's amazing how people run their mouths with no proof. Get proof or shut up.

  3. I send this to many sellers when I see something I don't want to disappear. " If and when you get offers to sell this and end the listing and you decide to do so, give me a chance to make an honest offer before selling. If you decide to let the auction run I will be bidding on it. Thanks, Pat 520-255-1749

  4. I just looked at the patch lot in question and honestly wonder why everyone is getting their panties in a wad! There are a couple nice patches, but overall it is a pretty common lot.


    I wish people would "fight" over the stuff I try to sell. :(


    The seller has 2 lost and marygrace20 was making an offer on both. Says so in the offer, he is a bit hard to understand though.


  5. But you have posted on here numerous times that you had made offers to Ebay sellers to stop auctions.


    What is the difference between what this buyer did and what you have said you have done?


    Not trying to start a battle here, just asking for clarification


    I bet there are very few people on here, who have never contacted an Ebay seller to see if they could buy an item straight away and not let the auction run it's full course. I have done it many times, sometimes you get to buy the item sometimes you don't. I don't understand why a bidder would turn in another bidder , on an auction that is not even theirs, except for a major case pf sour grapes.


    Where the hell did you get that information, I have only contacted sellers about UNSOLD items. If you find a post on here stating otherwise it's been doctored.


  6. I "think" the Twill is the older era , but as mentioned the emblem was used a lot of years , the other posted looks to be of latter era


    Thanks Johnny, I'm just trying to narrow it down, I'm hopefull someone will know when they started using the FE

  7. Nice! Where do you think it was made?


    They did it all, hard to tell, for me anyway.

    540th Engineer Combat Regiment

    D-Day Landings

    North Africa

    Licata and Gela Sicily


    Anzio Italy

    Drammont Southern France


    Algeria-French Morocco





    Southern France



    Central Europe

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