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  1. There are many great patches in this collection and I'll post them as they come in. I have to buy this collection in parts. There are many bullion and theater made items I have never had or seen. Dave's patch looks like is a sister patch of mine.

  2. The other documents that were in the book:




    One document is a capsulized history of the 761st:




    Another is a rather candid commentary on the PUC by unit historian Walter Lewis:






    The Presidential Unit Citation program:




    This is Frank Alexander, who had owned this book (on the inside cover he listed the pages that mentioned him and underlined those mentions inside the book):




    Just in, this is a rare birdpost-119983-0-92723400-1444939008.jpg


  3. My understanding is that CCAuction was selling on consignment for Historicalauctions.


    This statement by Dan is 100% correct, CCAuction is the one that tried to sell me 14,000 LL patches that he did not own or ever even see. Neither CC or Historical are an actual AUCTION house. Truth is there are NOT 14,000 Liberty Loan Patches. Historicalauctions has sold over half the LL patches according to the owner of the collection. 14,000 is the gesstamation < my word, of how many patches were in the collection. They will be offered less and less as time goes by. He does have many of some of the more common ones, all you that paid big $$ for the rarer ones need not fear, they will not go down in value once all the hype has settled down. I an missing about 30 of the KNOWN LL patches in my personal collection and tried to buy direct from HA and he does not have any of them. I also have a few not shown in 1992 Trading post.

  4. I have found a red one with an A on it (horse drawn Artillery) and a yellow (standard Cavalry) one for the 52nd, but nothing with tan or brown. Could this be for a Quartermaster in the 52nd?

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