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  1. "These were originally purchased by an eBay buyer who I asked to returned them after he made threatening and harassing emails. Information about the transaction and buyer provided upon request so that you can avoid them if you sell patches."


    Just curious, what did the seller perceive to be "threatening and harassing" in your emails to him?




    After my message asking for a partial refund or return for a full refund, the seller offered a $100.00 and said my claim of repo's was incorrect. Next, I explained how the MODERN were not modern but repo's because modern would not be die cut / cut edge and would not be made of synthetic materials. I was told that I was trying to scam the seller after I returned them. My reply was you will get negative feedback for not authenticating something claimed original and wasting my time. Some people just do not want to be educated or can't be ed ja ma cated.

  2. I bought these 2 lots a few weeks ago, both were littered with fakes and the seller knows it. If you have them on your watch list beware, seller ID is estate-finders out of Orleans MA,

    Item #'s are 371505030762 & 371505031568

    If this is not posted in the correct venue please move it where it should be.

    Message sent to seller>

    Dear estate-finders,

    Almost all the key patches are reproductions. They glow under a UV light and should not. They are 5th Army (5 star version), 6th Army (star version), Panama, Guam, Marianas, Ledo Road, China HQ, London Base Command, Mission to Moscow, 6th Ranger, both Berlin ETO, Jingpaw Rangers, Merrill's Marauders, 36th Engineer, 2nd Chemical and the 25th RCT. These patches were the cream of the crop. I need a 60% refund or I need to return the complete order. Seeing how they are reproductions you need to pay the return shipping. Please let me know what you want to do soon. My # is 520-255-1749 if you want to discuss it.
    Thanks, Pat

  3. Starting with the April-June 1984 issue of the Trading Post, they printed segments of the catalog as a part of the magazine. I have seen segments into 1990.


    I have these issues and it's been so long since I've looked at them I forgot I had them. I just ID'd ten ROTC patches that have been in the "who the hell am I box"

    Thank you very much!!

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