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  1. The attachment is a composite image from my most recent book, Battle Colors/Vol.VI and shows

    the fifteen squadron designs I mentioned that were offered during this promotion.


    As to a time frame, I have sent several written requests to Shell corporate in Houston, TX requesting

    some specific information relating to this promotion, but to date have not received any answers.

    A 'best guess' regarding this promo would be circa 1943 - 1944, but just a guess at this point.


    Hope this helps.



    Here is # 16 Bob



  2. I remember seeing this patch on a display in a hanger on Homestead AFB in the 70's when I lived on the base, just never got the unit name. I did ask if the hillbilly patch was really an Air Force patch and the old Master Sgt said to me "Why the hell else would it be hanging there?" I didn't ask him anything else.

  3. Good till 12/31/2016 on any purchase of $20.00 or more on every item my website only, will not work on eBay. Always free shipping in the US. $100.00 min for free international ship. Over 1500 items posted with 20 items added today.

    Copy and paste USMFDC2016 in discount box at checkout. Need help call me at 520-255-1749.

    If to many items come up in your search use " " to narrow search I.E "1st Infantry"



    There is no real difference in any of them.The prices of the four you posted reflect each sellers listing technique. Some sellers start at low prices and some start at stupid high prices. Items that start low almost always achieve a reasonable market value. The higher priced just sits for a long time and is continually relisted.


    Seeing how mine is the highest price I'm guessing mine is the stupid one. My stupid price has sold 14 times in the last 2 years. Service and the fact that I pay fair prices on collections might have something to do with it.

  5. Removed from a patch quilt, all the others are 100% AEF. This is ID'd in Britton & Washingtons book on page 45 as the 37th. Anyone have anything on this patch? Thanks for any and all comments. front is faded.



  6. What use does it do to take the piss out of another collector because of what they collect?


    If greenbacks aren't what you go after, or expensive patches, don't go after them that is your choice, but why do you have to make a comment that is very degrading to the people who do collect them? A fool and their money comment is uncalled for. Who says the collector that specializes in any certain field is a fool?


    I agree with Bob on this one

  7. For future reference.....





    It is not "picked" but an 8 wheeler with 2 wheels never stiched. It is still a rare patch. Last one I saw sod over $600



  8. The patch has been stored is a hard plastic sleeve that may or may not have an iron. I never asked it. the 2 dots might be the makes way of marking his work. there a some differences in the 2 images IMO. Anyway the patch is 100% time period and off to a new home once the funds arrive.

  9. The seller / collector is very well known and I think his patch is 100% real. He is retired an honorable Navy Intelligence officer. He told me it was bought back in the 50's.

  10. The rooster patch is the WWII French Second Army SSI. The red hand, known as the "Bloody Hand" was worn by soldiers of the 93rd Infantry Division. The patch that you show looks like a Patch King example made for collectors during the WWII era.




    this guy is correct

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