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  1. Very sorry to see this post, Bill was one of the best dealers anyone could have had the honor to deal with. I will miss him. Rest in peace friend.

  2. Lets get this straight!! 

    Yes it appears the seller I bought it from that listed it as original had just bought it listed a reproduction.

    Shame on me for not catching it as a repo.

    But do not suggest that I bought is as a repo and tried to pass it off as real. 

    I paid 250.00  for it and it was listed as original. No I did not buy the $20.00 patch, nor did I see it.

  3. 4 hours ago, manayunkman said:

    Is the fake patch that sold for $20 the exact same patch that started this thread?

    To me they look exactly the same.

    Where does this fake patch come from and are there more for sale for $20 each?

    Or was this fake a one time sale?

    If not do all the fakes have the same characteristics or is this one unique.

    Since the reseller of the alleged fake patch is a forum member maybe they can tell us how they got it?

    Absolutely NOT!!  see >>>>>> 




  4. Bill, it is a rare patch. Some people do not sell patches until there is an ID. Others do not buy patches until there is an ID so I am not sure what will happen to demand in terms of that. Now that it has an ID, I am sure some books may pick it up, but it may be 2-4 years down the road. I am not sure where Barry Stein's new book is in with production. When I first started collecting...I was given the Washington book and had to have every patch in it. Now that it has an ID, if it makes it into a book...I am sure other new and experienced collectors will try to add it to their collection.


    Some may have been hoping that this was a super secret squirrel communications patch directly post war. It is now tied to early 1952. Short lived at that. How big is that collectors market? I do not know.


    Possibly with the ID, we may be able to find the video that tredhed2 spoke about. It would be great to find a photo showing that this patch was actually worn.


    If it won the design contest, maybe an initial order was purchased? Maybe 100, 200, 1,000? Whatever it is...I am sure that the production was low and from the small number of the ones that we have seen...they all are made the same way....so just one production?


    This could also be a patch where we may think that we have seen 20-50 of them throughout the years at gun and patch shows....but without the positive ID...was the number more like 15-20 but they just changed hands pretty frequently when we could not find an ID? I held on the one pictured in this thread for a while, could not ID it, and passed it on to another collector so I could focus on home front patches.


    Value going up or down now that it has been IDd? What would a price be for it?


    No one else really chimed in so I took a stab at it.

    I have one and I'm still calling it the "Super Secret Squirrel Communications" Patch

  5. These appear to be pre WW2 but I'm no expert. I need guidance please and thank you.

    Hat / Helmet wing is 10K GF ( so my jeweler says) 3-1/8" wing tip to wing tip and 1" tall.

    Shirt wing is also 10K GF, it is an RCH under 3" wide about 9/16" tall.

    Flight Instructor pin is marked LGB under that is 1/10 10K GF




  6. Here is a question that I haven't seen addressed. Does eBay charge a fee on the taxes that are collected in the same way that the final fee, including shipping, is charged to a seller? Is there a monetary benefit for eBay to collect the taxes or is it an operating expense to them?

    Every state gives the Tax Collector a percentage of the tax collected, as high as 3% depending on the state, eBay is going to make big $$$$$ off this.

  7. This was listed today with starting bid of $75. Someone must of made a BIN offer since the auction is over. Item # 264488547204. Tried to resize pic multiple times but would not load. Hope some has better luck so all could easily see again what NOT to buy. Like Dave and multiple others have said BUY A BOOK!

    I told the seller it was fake and he ended the listing.

  8. :D thead

    This entire thead is synonymous with the fable of the blind men describing an elephant.


    The patch that initiated this thread is a KW era, TM KMAG patch. It has nothing to do with the 29th ID or any ROTC unit. WW I patches and KW TM patches really were made quite differently from each other.


    For "evidence" or "documentation" of the WW 1 28th Infantry Regt, 1st Division, ASMIC members can read either the Oct-Dec 1998 or Apr-Jun 2018 Trading Posts. Non-ASMIC members can buy them as back issues.


  9. I bought a silk pillow case with 34 patches on it off ebay!!! Below is what the seller wrote me after turning down my $500.00 offer and 2 of the patches. :wacko:

    Pat, Thanks for being honest with me about the patches. When I saw all the offers this morning, I even called EBAY thinking it must be some kind of scam.

    Your $500.00 offer is more than twice the next highest. I 'm willing to take $300.00 and that is still $100.00 over 2nd place. I’m thrilled to make the money you paid me. But I’m really thrilled that I rescued them from the trash! Bobbye




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