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  1. 1st 50 customers to make a purchase at worldwarpatches .com will get 15% off the 1st order. No limit on the order. If you want something that you have seen in my eBay store that has not been added to the new website yet just contact me and I'll add it within 24 hours.
  2. Thanks Mort for showing my new patch lot
  3. Very sorry to see this post, Bill was one of the best dealers anyone could have had the honor to deal with. I will miss him. Rest in peace friend.
  4. Lets get this straight!! Yes it appears the seller I bought it from that listed it as original had just bought it listed a reproduction. Shame on me for not catching it as a repo. But do not suggest that I bought is as a repo and tried to pass it off as real. I paid 250.00 for it and it was listed as original. No I did not buy the $20.00 patch, nor did I see it.
  5. Absolutely NOT!! see >>>>>> https://www.ebay.com/itm/WWII-US-Army-502nd-Parachute-Infantry-Regiment-Patch-PIR-Airborne-Skull-WW2/184201520860?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  6. 93rd Division 369th Infantry Regiment "Harlem Hellfighters" AKA "Rattlesnake Regiment" started out as a NY national Guard unit
  7. I have one and I'm still calling it the "Super Secret Squirrel Communications" Patch
  8. If everyone was to throw their computers into Boston Harbor eBay would fold along with the taxes. Lets all meet at Griffin's Wharf dressed like Indians on December 16 and have a party!!
  9. 100 % real WW 1 These were trimmed to just the star then sewn on to shape and color of various units.
  10. USMC EWA Airfield was the Japanese's 1st target on the attack of Pearl Harbor
  11. These appear to be pre WW2 but I'm no expert. I need guidance please and thank you. Hat / Helmet wing is 10K GF ( so my jeweler says) 3-1/8" wing tip to wing tip and 1" tall. Shirt wing is also 10K GF, it is an RCH under 3" wide about 9/16" tall. Flight Instructor pin is marked LGB under that is 1/10 10K GF
  12. Every state gives the Tax Collector a percentage of the tax collected, as high as 3% depending on the state, eBay is going to make big $$$$$ off this.
  13. Fort Myers Florida Original Gun, Knife, Civil War and Militaria Show November 23 & 24 located at Araba Shrine Temple, Fort Myers, FL 2010 Hanson St.
  14. I told the seller it was fake and he ended the listing.
  15. These two came together, do they belong together and what is OTC. Thanks for any help.
  16. I was thinkin it was a phoney, thanks. Would be a great find if not.
  17. Ron C.'s patch in post #1 is 100% a WW 2 US Army patch. 13TH ARMORED DIVISION - 93rd Cavalry Reconnaissance Squadron (Mechanized) I just sold one from a 1943 & 1944 collection that was not added to after 1944. if you want to see it worn copy & paste the link below and scroll down to look at the images of the grunts, many have it on their caps. http://www.13tharmoreddivision.org/page24.html
  18. I bought a silk pillow case with 34 patches on it off ebay!!! Below is what the seller wrote me after turning down my $500.00 offer and 2 of the patches. Pat, Thanks for being honest with me about the patches. When I saw all the offers this morning, I even called EBAY thinking it must be some kind of scam. Your $500.00 offer is more than twice the next highest. I 'm willing to take $300.00 and that is still $100.00 over 2nd place. I’m thrilled to make the money you paid me. But I’m really thrilled that I rescued them from the trash! Bobbye
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