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  1. As someone who researches and writes about the U.S. Army Signal Corps Pigeon Service, I must congratulate you on this amazing, coo find!
  2. Also the cardinal points...that's radium paint. Place it under a geiger counter and hear the difference
  3. That's the Army Distinguished Service Medal. The summer 1918 London-made uniform of Pershing's we have in the collection also bears only one ribbon, the Army DSM.
  4. Not CAP. That much I know. Wondering if some weird homefront ribbon.
  5. I was asked to identify this and I am completely befuddled. Any ideas?
  6. An FYI on the bearing bar and other items.They use radium for illumination on the bearing bar and quite a few 1930s-early 1940s USN instruments have radium in them for illumination. I highly recommend you consider investing in a geiger counter and labels as needed for safety if not basic piece of mind. The bearing bar we have at the museum is rather hot.
  7. Send me a PM so we can exchange emails. I can send you photographs and other technical information.
  8. Can you clarify your question? I ask as someone who has been researching U.S. Army Signal Corps Pigeon Service activities, particularly with the AEF. I probably know more than most on the subject and am happy to help.
  9. This is an older design, not currently used by the squadron. It is not atypical for CAP squadrons to change their emblem with some frequency.
  10. Kansas Wing KS-125 Emerald City (Wichita) Composite Squadron
  11. FYI to all: https://nltimes.nl/2019/07/12/dutch-pm-visit-trump-next-week-hand-d-day-flag Been working on the history of this for the past several days. Blog, press release, etc. will be out tomorrow afternoon on https://americanhistory.si.edu/ following a ceremony at the White House.
  12. Great material! I am hoping to find a map that covers the area around Vidouville. My great uncle was KIA there in July 1944 and I'm visiting there in two weeks hoping to determine the relative location where he was killed. The "best" map I have at the moment is from the wartime history of the 2nd Regiment, 5th ID.
  13. Southern Border Liaison Patrol (Patrol, not pilot). I might caution that these patches have been recently reproduced for reenacting purposes. Your example appears to be an original example, but I recommend a UV spot check for anyone seeking to collect these.
  14. Hmm...I am in meetings all day tomorrow but will check our holdings to ensure we don't have one of these (but wouldn't surprise me if we do).
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