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  1. Thanks for the fast reply. I also think it's a civilian hat, nice anyway. Nice grouping.
  2. The camo hat might have a chance. Can you show pictures of the inside please.
  3. I have a pair of pant that has a red "M" ink stamped in the waistband. The camouflage pattern of the pants is the same as your shirt, the material of the pants is very thin. I bought these pants about 10 or 15 years ago from Bill Brooks. The pants have a button closure and I remember there was a smaller (almost bright) green button on the inside of the pants which was sewn very loose and long gone since.
  4. Although the helmet looked nice, I wonder if it is a good piece since the seller has so many fake helmets (and other pieces ) for sale.
  5. Spike, I'm 100% sure you know the original SEAL that had that vest. The original SEAL gave me a picture of the guy he gave his vest to, wearing this exact vest. Very nice to see some of your SEAL jackets.
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