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  1. Digging around some more this evening. There is a report/manual titled Weapons for Jungle Warfare based on PTO battlefield tours in late 1943. The report mentions the use of Demo Set No 5 and No 1, but no mention of Cav or Inf demo kits. Found another report/manual titled Engineer Estimating Data from SWPA Chief Engineer dated 1 Jun 45. It lists both Demo Set No 5 as well as Inf Demo Kit (29 lbs). Still no pictures or detailed descriptions of either the Cav or Inf Demo kits. Both reports came from the Combined Arms Research Library Digital Library. Peter
  2. The Cav Journal article says the kit comes from the engineers. Their journal at that time was called "The Military Engineer" but I haven't found one online from '38 or '39. JSTOR may have it but I don't have a subscription there. During the break, I'll see if I can find an Infantry Journal that might reference the Infantry Kit. The leather sleeve was probably in somebody's What's It pile 25-30 years and may have gone unclaimed. There must be someone out there with one if they were made. When I tried to fit the 10 cap box, I had the DOH moment that shoulda measured the 10 cap box be
  3. Have also been searching for references to the demolition kit. Since we are assuming its a cavalry it, I started searching the Cavalry Journal and found something. The July-August 1939 Cavalry Journal, page 330, lists Demolition Kits, Cavalry as new equipment "some of the items now contained in Tables of Basic Allowances". Nothing else yet. Its not unusual for the branch journals to have articles about new equipment so there may yet be additional information. Peter
  4. Thanks again for the photos with dimensions. Based on the dimensions, I was able to 3D print the tray. The photos show the walls to be about 1mm thick, but the plastic didn't look like it would be stable at 1mm so was printed at 2mm. I used 180mm x 190mm x 45mm outer dimensions for the bottom portion, and 180mm x 190mm inner dimension and 10mm outer dimension for the print. For the (assumed) cap box holders, the inner dimensions were used based on the photos. Overall pretty happy how it turned out. The tray fits perfectly in my repro small bag. Based on Brandon's list,
  5. Thanks for posting that Brandon. My '42 5-25 doesn't have that information. The '45 5-25 does reference the 6 cap box as cavalry so I think that list is a starting point for the contents of the tray. I noticed that list says leather carrying case for the tray. I think I need to find another demo pliers.
  6. Thanks for posting the photos! That helps a lot. Looks like the metal is just under 1mm thick so that would be either 20 or 22 gauge and it looks like galvanized steel. I thought it interesting that the measurements seem to work well as cm, but 19cm is close enough to 7.5", 18cm is close enough to 7" and 4cm is close to 1 5/8". I think I'll run it through a 3D printer first to see if the dimensions work in the bag. I have not found an official reference for it, but someone, somewhere must know what is supposed to go inside. 🤔. I have never seen a real M1 Infantry demo kit, although I need to c
  7. Do you mind sharing the information? I would like to make one as well. Peter
  8. For what's it worth, Wikipedia says the change happened in 1995. I do remember seeing the fancy tan bags intermixed with the brown bags and wondering why they were special. Never experienced the C Rations myself ... except for the can of mixed fruit that exploded in my kitchen. Took a couple of weeks to get rid of the smell.
  9. My guess is that the stamping is a civilian marking, probably belonging to a police department. In the '90s I remember seeing a bin of the '50s mask at a surplus store marked to a local police department. Peter
  10. Do you have a photo of yours posted somewhere? I have been looking for something similar - cowboy-esqe with cartridge loops and open buckle?
  11. Very cool find! Are there green 5 cell pouches? I don't think I have ever seen one.
  12. Can't remember which book it is now, but I remember reading a biography written by an ETO replacement. He talks about his first detail when he gets to Europe is go through a warehouse in France filled with baggage of casualties. They separated the issued clothing and equipment for return to circulation. Personal items were placed in a bags presumably for return to next of kin. Peter
  13. Doug - did you find any photos of the Buzzacotts oven? Just found a reference saying that companies were provided with "one army field oven, 'Buzzacotts'." Would love to see one of these things. Peter
  14. I'm not convinced that they weren't issued. I have never seen or heard of a navy quartermaster catalog that might shed some light, but something must exist. I did look at the 1940 and 1944 Bluejackets manual, neither one of which list a bag to stow gear with the list of issue clothing. The 1940 manual says "clothes are stowed in a bag which will be supplied". The 1944 manual says "given a sea bag in which to stow your clothes". So clearly something was issued to sailors. Both manuals talk about stowing the bags and bag inspections.
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