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  1. Beautiful grouping I think we'll never seen one as complete or amazing as this By the way, since no one has named it yet, the Korean medal is the Order of Military Merit (무공훈장) in second class in Korea it is called the Eulji Cordon, literally almost like 2nd class (을지) or in full Hangeul (을지무공훈장) There are 4 classes in total in the 1st issue It is first type (1950 issue), awarded for actions in the Korean war (there are about 4 issues, in 1950, after 63(ish) they expanded it to 5 classes, 67 and I believe in 1970, or 73 my memory is off on the exact dates) I hope that helped
  2. What a cool group I'd keep everything together if I were you, it tells a story of the service member
  3. Thank you for your comments Herman it is greatly appreciated, I'll try and post the Colonel's entire history that I've found, (or at least a good portion) today. To my knowledge this is the only medal of Colonel Bell's that is in a collection and I wasn't aware that the family sold his other military belongings, it would be nice to re-unite them if this is the case, maybe one day if possible.
  4. The previous forum member that obtained the Navy Cross told me he got it straight from a member of the family and that he'd share the info. on how it ended up in his collection, its been a couple months of waiting as of yet, but I hope he can share it with me soon . So that may leave only two options on how the brooch was changed. Regardless of the brooch, it still is a lovely Navy Cross to me, especially with the history it has to share.
  5. Thank you for letting me know I thought the Ribbon might have been repaired/replaced (since the stitching is heavy on the top) and I took the photo so the stitching could be visible, it looks like it makes sense that another brooch was added, I'll keep it as is. I don't like changing things if it isn't original to how I obtained them. Sometimes amazing stories come out of the "modifications". Was it normal for these brooches to fail, and then the Veteran (or family member) replaces them with whatever is at hand for a repair?
  6. Its been a long week of tests and sleepless nights studying so my spelling went out the window Thank you for catching and fixing the error.
  7. Final picture of the reverse engraving: Thank you all for looking and your comments and opinions are greatly appreciated I have a huge passion for Korean War History and it is a great privilege to have this beautiful piece with such a great history reside in my collection.
  8. Here is the reverse of the Navy Cross: one more post to follow.
  9. First, a small intro and then some photos, a couple months ago I had a bit of luck and opportunity to purchase Colonel Van D. Bell's ("Ding Dong Bell" to his Marines) first Navy Cross awarded for action on May 29, 1951 in Korea from a forum member, it is engraved on the reverse with his name and date of the action. He received a second Navy Cross for Vietnam as well (Gold Star), as well as many other medals for his courageous actions. This opened up an amazing research journey and showed just how much his Marines loved and respected this great leader/warrior. I would like to post some of h
  10. Sweet now I've seen it all, named British medals for foreign recipients seen a couple non-official namings but these two definatley look official naming to me Thanks for sharing the pieces and fantastic grouping once again
  11. What a fantastic grouping congrats Any British medal to foreign recipient is un-named (not just US soldiers in case someone comes upon one down the line and isn't sure
  12. Wow, what a rare pleasure to see a group like this one Thank you so so much for sharing it with us!
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