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    new to collecting have many items given to me but they are very random including a 1943 Willy's MB
  1. Christian.. That's gotta be him.. I have ID'd photos of many of his company I'll have to post and see if any other names and faces match up. Very exciting to see unknown to me photos of him. Thanks for sharing. Rick
  2. Dijkhuizen.. The guy on the fence post in my original post is my uncle. I see the resemblance as well . Brian D. - I have a roster for Company E from what my Uncle noted as February or March of 1944 by Chaplain Henry Wall. It lists the KIA , serial numbers, rank , religious denomination and next of kin with a home address.
  3. very nice grouping......it's a shame the name of the soldier is lost to history.......
  4. more photos.. most are identified by handwritten notes on the back of the photo
  5. I'm new to the forum and this is a grouping from my uncle Richard P. Werner who was with the 82nd Airborne 325th GIR Co. E. I have many more items and have been asked by our local historical society if these could be on loan to them which I'm willing to do. I just want everything properly identified and displayed. I know there are some missing ribbons on the uniform as it is how I received it .I will post more pictures of items as I photograph them. I've recently retired and I'm just starting my collection based on what I've received from several family members. Any assistance on helping me co
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