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  1. Hi. I just got one of these post-War German field telephones with a dial hooked up to it. I'm interested if anyone has any info on it, especially a manual. It's ok if it's in German. I can get it translated or figure it out. Many thanks!!!
  2. Hi. I've just gotten some of my old radio gear out of the closet and I just can't remember if the R-14 receivers (I believe its called the HS-23 headset) will work with the SCR-284 and the GRC-9 radios. I think I remember that I normally use the HS-30 headset with the cord CD-307 in between the headset and the radio. I know that at least one of my HS-23 headsets has a PL-54 to go into the CD-307 then into the radio via the PL-55. Not sure about the plug on the other HS-23 as it is a little longer than the PL-54. Is impedance an issue to preclude use of the R-14 receivers with the GRC-9 or
  3. Thanks to all! Mr. Admin, do you happen to have a date or circa for the phone? Bil
  4. Hi. Got this filed telephone several years back and can't remember what country it is from and I didn't get anything on a quick Google search. It is configured somewhat like an F-33 but is different. Comes is a painted metal case. There are three gold colored crown symbols on the receiver which I would take to mean one of the Scandinavian countries but not sure. The number inside the lid of the case is F3200-1954. Couldn't find F3200 on net. I assume 1954 is date. The thing is brand new and has an earpiece in addition to the phone receiver. Hope pictures turn out. Any info would be gr
  5. Hi all. I have two PAL RH-36 knives that I bought a long time ago. I think the mottled blade RH-36 came with the new looking sheath that has a black metal snap and the brighter blade RH-36 came with the older looking sheath that has the brass snap, but really can't remember! I've read here and other places about the 36 model but wanted to get your opinions. The only structural difference in the bright blade knife is the different color and pattern of the spacers on the handle as opposed to the single red spacer at either end of the leather handle on the mottled blade knife. did PAL ever u
  6. Thanks to all for the info. From what I can gather from my cousin, my grandad was attached to an Australian signals unit along the western coast of Australia (I think the western tip) from sometime in 42 until the end of the war. My understanding is that he (I think he maybe was in our Signal Corp and he was a Captain) went from Palmyra island just off the coast of Wake Is. in Dec 41 to Austalia by PT boat and sub (not necessarily in that order). My cousin says that he did something with subs and was stationed south of Carnarvon in Aus. I don't know if this helps. He never spoke to us about
  7. Hey all. I recently went through a lot of my grandfathers stuff from WWII and found this helmet that I wanted to know more about. The story from my grandmother is that my granddad brought this home with him after WWII. He served in the Pacific on Wake Island and other places in that theater. He told her that his girls friend at the time (in Australia) made it from his service helmet. But I am a little confused: the liner is marked 6 7/8 over VMC over II over 1942. I have looked pretty good around the inside of the rim and inside the helmet (as much as I can see with the liner in place) and I
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