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    I like all things military, mainly WWII European theater. I started collecting US patches when I was 9 and found my Grandfathers collection of US patches. Collecting Military has been a rabid passion ever since.

    I run the Military Collectibles Shop near Milwaukee WI
    Currently working on a Book on the Home front Flags of WWI & WWII

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  1. Awesome! Thanks guys- I always forget about those!
  2. I picked this up at a flea market this weekend the whiteness and 37mm made me think tank. And if so which one? Thanks! (Or “tanks”!)
  3. Took a while to find it (actually came across it accidentally while looking for something else!) About 3' across. The Vet's wife said it was from the unit HQ.
  4. RuhRoh... got caught fraternizing with a German woman!
  5. Cool- I never knew (or just never paid attention) that it was designated the M3
  6. Awesome- I am a Woman's services uniform collector too- there is some GREAT stuff on the forum from these strong ladies! Welcome aboard!
  7. Wow- that was fast! Thank you!!
  8. This one just came in, nicely done, but not really sure the from who or why, but it is named. Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. Cool helmet, just crying for an Imperial TIE fighter emblem...
  10. Wishful thinking, but I think the "Sq." knocks them out. It's a Front seam swivel bail, with an interesting J hook configuration of both the older brass one and the later flat ball-release one. I'll post some pics. I found 16 guys with the laundry marking.
  11. Welcome! There are some pretty knowledgeable flagheads here! There are also some face book pages dedicated to various flags. I too have several ensigns in my own collection- my goal is to "collect them all" (at least in all of the sizes) but as mentioned they get pretty big (and pretty expensive) pretty quick- A reached quote from a fellow flag friend (OFW) who sadly recently passed away- "Flags for Our Navy - Busy Loft at Brooklyn Yard Keeps Fleet's Colors Flying. Keeping its growing fleet of ships supplied with the proper flags and pennants is just
  12. Hey gang, please excuse the cross posting, but I thought the helmet guys might be a bit more active. I picked up a cool shrapnel damaged helmet at a yard sale this weekend (it is still out there!) , and I am trying to figure out the unit based on what was written inside (Sq. 101A -43). Of course the family knew nothing. Hoping that will then help me narrow down the laundry mark on it and get an ID on the soldier. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  13. Mr. Jerry is there a alternate contact information for Jon?  I also have tried and cannot get any response!


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. lonewolf523


      Thanks I appreciate it.  Not sure why he is taking orders and not filling them!  Seems odd.  

    3. Mr.Jerry


      I think his "website" is what is taking orders - but yes, if you can't deal with it, turn it off.  He has his irons in a few fires and the only time I ever did get to talk to him was while he was on the road in between. Then again, maybe he trapped under some heavy object. I'll keep trying though - as his friend now I am hoping he is not dead.



    4. lonewolf523


      Okay thanks.  Appreciate your efforts!!

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