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    I like all things military, mainly WWII European theater. I started collecting US patches when I was 9 and found my Grandfathers collection of US patches. Collecting Military has been a rabid passion ever since.

    I run the Military Collectibles Shop near Milwaukee WI
    Currently working on a Book on the Home front Flags of WWI & WWII

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  1. Just to follow up on this one - I had not seen the original posting - these knives were mine. a few years ago i was contacted by someone that had a bunch of WW2 TL-29 knives- many still in boxes of 6, many wrapped up in wax paper, and still more that were loose. We made a deal on the entire lot of them and there were a couple nice RH 36 knives that were part of the deal. About a year later- they called me again, this time they asked if I wanted 57 of the RH 36s - "sure!" I said- and we made another deal. When i got them I was shocked to see that they were mostly still in the sealed boxes! (s
  2. Welcome! although I am not really a "radio head" I do love learning about new stuff!
  3. Thanks O! That was my thought/fear-but wanted to be sure.
  4. I am looking at this one as part of a collection- I have looked at the pages and pages of tiger camo threads until I was seeing spots trying to verify one way or the other, but as time is of the essence - I ask those who know- is this one 'real'? Thanks! Jerry
  5. Very Cool! I am setting up some of my movie props and stuff and I just added some really awesome 30th div. patches I got from this cool costume design guy...
  6. it's never going to be what it was. bondo it? paint it and throw a net on it.
  7. Great sentiment and display Scott- I am always impressed with these and that I always see some that I never knew existed!
  8. If you need to I can probably find a set for you from our "button box"- drop me a PM.
  9. On this, the 103rd Birthday of the United States Service Flag, I am honored to finally announce the release of my book- "In the Service of our Country - The History of the United States Service Flag" available from Elm Grove Publishing in TX. For those interested in a signed copy, please contact me directly - I don't even have them in yet, but I will get you on the list. Thank you for the all of the support and encouragement! https://www.elmgrovepublishing.com/in-the-service-of-our-country
  10. Killer helmet! These deals are where I like to have the exact amount, I would feel too bad asking for the change back...
  11. The United States Service Flag turns 103 today!
  12. I do like the bullet damage and the back skirt damage, the scratching on the inside bothers me, and the several layers of paint is also a bit as usually by Korea the cross size got smaller.
  13. Welcome- Very cool- I am working on a book on the "Home front flags of WWI & WWII" as a follow up to my recent service flag book- I have not seen that one before! (I may have to hit you up for a high res image to use) but I will look into it! Jerry
  14. Just picked this up from a friend of mine that wore it. He served in Vietnam so from around that era. Pants too! sadly he didn't remember too much about his time in as an Aggressor.
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