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    I like all things military, mainly WWII European theater. I started collecting US patches when I was 9 and found my Grandfathers collection of US patches. Collecting Military has been a rabid passion ever since.

    I run the Military Collectibles Shop near Milwaukee WI
    Currently working on a Book on the Home front Flags of WWI & WWII

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  1. This is more of question about the real ones- did Marines get them? Every photo I have seen of them in use was an Army unit.
  2. As with doing it slower, I would also keep the camera stationary and rotate the helmet. The "interactive" bit used to be done with Flash, but I am not sure that it is a viable software anymore. Adobe's Fireworks may be able to do something similar.
  3. They went to the guard marked ones later in the war (44/45) as the thought was that stamping the blade damaged the steel (although I have never seen a broken one) The flaming bomb is the dept of Ordnance proof acceptance mark. I have seen that type of scabbard before as well, but it is not the one that is usually found with them. I am sure some of m3 collecting guys will jump in on this and let us know what is what.
  4. Nice selection, I like the stands too!
  5. Gold were used pre-1943 I believe. But maybe post it for the wing guys to answer.
  6. We always refereed to the quilless dress bayonets as "Pioneer" (Engineer) but that may be a collectorism, as the felt plug should be black. Great score!
  7. Thanks for posting Joe- With all of my woman's groups and things I don't remember ever seeing a discharge! Very cool. Looking forward to seeing more of your collection!
  8. Nice looking helmet rig!
  9. On this day 15 May 1942 , the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps (WAAC) was formed, and on July 1st 1943 converted to an active duty status unit in the Army of the United States as the Women's Army Corps (WAC). This was was the women's branch of the United States Army. Its first director was Oveta Culp Hobby, a prominent woman in Texas society. The WAC was disbanded in 1978, and all units were integrated with male units. Remember these brave women! An un-named WAC group in my own collection (Thanks to Sgt.Durango)
  10. Two from Wisconsin-
  11. The collars have US's with 2 different regimental numbers- 17 and 6. It's an odd blue/periwinkle. (I was hoping MG!)?
  12. I went through the 2nd ID charts but I am not sure on the color / unit. Any ideas? Thanks!
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