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  1. I just did a little research on the owner. He was killed in Vancouver in a shooting by the police when he refused to drop his weapon.he had PTSD from Iraq. This was in 2010.
  2. Hello Everyone! I went to a flea market today and was looking for items, and I found this stand with some German Items. I saw this helmet and went to look at it and I asked how much and it wasn't that much, so I went ahead and picked it up and took my chances because it seemed to good to be true and it was plastic not metal. I was confused because I never have seen a liner like that, yet it has a half torn sticker that says Berlin on it. Any help Appreciated.
  3. I never found out how long he was in. He served one tour in Iraq.
  4. I got this straight from the vet. He was awarded the purple heart as well as the Navy and Marine Corps Achievement medal with Valor. I got everything he had left. I got his helmet cover, DCUs, Vest, pouches, canteens, Molle Vest, his small backpack he used when they got to Baghdad, His large pack with sleeping bag, KABAR, Boonie, Holster, Etool, and goretex bottoms, as well as his Night Vision. I also grabbed a map he carried. I also grabbed a bottle of sand he had from the Tigris and 6 MRE's and boots. I will not reveal his name, and I don't think he would want me to. I forgot, I also got s
  5. Hey guys. I got a few months ago directly from the vet grouping. He was in the 5th Marine Regiment, and was in the drive to Baghdad back in 2003.
  6. You guys do provide good points. I bought it from a friend. He told me it was from a 3rd ID soldier who went across the desert to take Baghdad. I believe that the helmet, boots and DCU's were worn for sure. I will give my friend a call and see what He can give me. Web gear is heavily worn, and the the vest cover seems new.
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