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    Collecting WWII USMC, Paramarine and Airborne. Also collect WWII German and Japanese. Memeber of Wehrmacht Awards (WAF) also as VE45.

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  1. I haven't posted on the forums in a long while but I just received a few priceless things to add to my Uncle's grouping. My Cousin Jason (One of Cyrille's Sons) recently gave me a photo of my Uncle somewhere in the South Pacific. Not sure when it was taken or where he was. My Cousin Jill (One of Cyrille's Daughters) gave me his Bronze Star Citation for Valor.
  2. Hi John, here are the photos you suggested I post. Sorry for the poor quality. Still trying to learn how to use my new camera. Jay
  3. Hello all, I am posting my US Observer Wings By Firmin Of London for review. They are currently listed in the sales section. http://www.usmilitar...rmin-of-london/ A member contacted me today and stated that in his opinion the wings are modern copies. These wings were in a large grouping from the estate of WWII Vet who was an Observer with the 8th AAF stationed in England during the war. They are unworn and in mint condition. Any and all opinions are welcome. Jay
  4. Hi Blitzkrieg, the wings were his. One set of dress greens has the "Vth Marine Amphibious Corps" patch but I don't know if this was the last he was attached to. Regards, Jay
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