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    Vietnam/WWII militaria, sports, and food.
  1. Bought this M1 helmet from Moore Militaria a few weeks ago. Original M1 steel helmet with a reproduction Mitchell camo cover and reproduction U.S. Army helmet band. Based the helmet art off of my grandpas 28th infantry Black Lions patch. Wanted to the art to be realistic but not cliche. Let me know what you think, thanks!
  2. How's the helmet looking Gtilk8455? Any pics? Just received my repro VN helmet from Moore Militaria and have been working on aging it. (Doesn't look much different.) Figure wearing it around in the sun and elements will contribute with time.
  3. Nice looking helmet! Where'd you buy it from?
  4. Thanks for sharing, really cool you got to talk to Mr. M and that he shared this with you. Thanks for sharing with us!
  5. Everyone has great ideas...I wish Hollywood would read this thread haha
  6. I did read that book! Just this year! He did know some of the guys the book is about actually too. He was in Vietnam from September '68- September '69. That book is a good read though.
  7. Yes sir that's a match!
  8. When you guys talk about the patch and say DUI what does that mean?
  9. Hey thanks for the help guys! I love being able to learn more about this stuff. I didn't even know my mom found it until the other day she says she had to show me something! She found an entire picture book to made by some of the wives of the other guys he served with and it's filled with pictures of him I've never seen before!
  10. I know the blue cord is infantry, but what is this one?
  11. Sleeve (had these patches on both sleeves)
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